Dissolve The Fear, Doubt And Insecurities That Have Been Holding You Back From Success With Women For Years... Become The Solid, Relaxed, Confident Man Who Women Feel Deep Attraction For And Men Instantly Respect... Even Before You Say A Word.

From the "Cold Approach" to Finding A Life Partner, You're About to Discover the "Big 3" Foundations For Rapidly Creating Attraction & Deep Connection... More Dates and More Mutually Rewarding Interactions... For The Rest of Your Life

Dear Friend,

Bryan here. I have a few questions that I want you to really consider, and please be honest with yourself…

  • Have you ever met an amazing woman, felt really excited because you thought you had a great connection… and then she never returned your calls?

  • Do your conversations with women ever get stuck and die an awkward death… or feel forced, boring or superficial?

  • Have you wanted to approach a beautiful woman but felt so shaky inside that you chickened out (It's that excruciating moment of "Oh my God, there she is… here she comes… there she goes…") and you end up kicking yourself for hours, sometimes days afterwards?

  • Do you have a hard time relaxing, enjoying the moment and just being yourself around the kind of women who really turn you on?

  • Ever feel sexually frustrated because you get ignored or put in the ‘Friend Zone' by the women you're attracted to?

  • Have you ever felt paralyzed when it was time to start physically "escalating" with women (touching to kissing to foreplay, etc…)?

  • Do you find yourself seeking the validation of attractive women and end up feeling humiliated and weak afterwards because you gave away your power and self-respect?

  • Do you have the nagging feeling that your problems with women are being caused by something "deeper"…and aren't going to be fixed by any "outer-game" technique, strategy or pick-up line?

Well, guess what?

I've experienced ALL of these things, and what I found is that…

They're All Caused By The SAME PROBLEM..
A Missing Foundation of Solid "Inner Game."

By this, I mean a solid sense of who you are and what value you bring to others.

Listen, when you REALLY know who you are, you walk, talk and move in different ways than if you were trying to MIMIC what you think "confidence with women" is supposed to look like.

…And women can tell the difference between someone who's really got it and someone who doesn't... from across the room… instantly.

Up until now no one has been able to teach men this deep level of change that I'm talking about… but more on that in a moment.

I know how frustrating it can be not to have success with women because I've BEEN there - and I was sick of beating my head against the wall.

Even after spending time and money on all the "outer game" tricks, techniques, and routines, I still SUCKED at approaching, meeting and hitting it off with women.

And while the pickup "outer game" stuff sometimes worked to "spike attraction" or create brief moments of connection (after a LOT of work)… it quickly faded. Despite my relentless efforts and work to learn how to "do attraction right," I would inevitably feel her slipping away.

And it KEPT HAPPENING… time after time.

I realized that trying to solve these challenges with "Outer Game" was like racing stripes on a car with no engine

Like painting my house while the plumbing on the inside was falling apart.

Like buying a new wardrobe when what I really needed was heart surgery….

You get the picture.

I Knew I Needed to Make a Shift, From the INSIDE OUT.

But where to begin?

Well, I began working on myself… and between my best friend Decker and I, we studied EVERYTHING:

Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Buddhism, endless self-help books and even hokey New-Age manifestation stuff… the list goes on and on.

I even tried Tony-Robbins-style "state change" stuff, but it didn't work. Sure, I'd get all "pumped up" and "in state" for a time, but since the FOUNDATION wasn't in place, it quickly wore off.

What I needed was a road map -- a step-by-step system to follow, to lay a solid foundation for myself… from the inside out.

I was so hell-bent on figuring this out that I (not even kidding) actually paid Decker's bills so he could work full time with me in our little apartment in one of the worst parts of town to come up with these Foundations.

*In case you don't recall, Decker is my friend who was a messy, scrawny, geeky, penniless chump like me who couldn't get a beautiful woman to give him attention unless he lit his hair on fire. In fact, up until a year before we'd met, Decker didn't even know how to talk to a woman. BUT he had somehow intuitively developed an ability with women that was so magnetic and refreshingly pure that even to this day it goes beyond anything I have ever seen before or since.

We both new if Decker could do this for himself, there just HAD to be a way I could do it too.

And so we sat down with everything we had exhaustively studied up to that point…and together with the success we saw in Decker and in other naturals…

We Discovered That The Same 3 "Core" Foundations Kept Showing Up -- AGAIN and AGAIN

I'll tell you more about these foundations in a moment. The point is, once I started to apply these principles it began to completely transform my relationship with myself -- AND as a result… all of my interactions with women.

  • Playful, engaging, natural conversations with beautiful women started to become effortless - and from there I found I could easily "turn up the dial" to create sexy, exciting and rewarding connections… even if we had just met!

  • I found myself NATURALLY taking the lead, automatically guided by clear desires and a new internal sense of direction... and because women could feel this core of stability, they totally relaxed and TRUSTED ME to guide the interaction.

  • Ever heard that once you're in the friends category, you're stuck there? NOT TRUE. Several women who had put me FIRMLY in the 'friends' category suddenly wanted to be more than just friends. But the BEST part is, I wasn't craving or even needing their sexual attention (which had been what always KILLED the connection in the past).

  • When I stopped seeking approval from women, I was able to be more HONEST with them… even about my attraction. I found myself saying some pretty uncensored, edgy things… and it actually felt GREAT to them!

  • Whenever women got upset or 'tested' me, I was able to stay totally grounded, not get "triggered," and remain strong because I no longer needed her approval to feel good about myself... and this turned them on even more.

  • I experienced, for the first time, an ABUNDANCE of feminine attention, dates, sex and intimacy - knowing that even if it all went away, I had the keys to being fulfilled in my life ANYWAY (which, of course, created even more attraction…).

Once I Found The "Success Formula" I'd Been Searching For --Other Guys Quickly Became Curious

Shortly after I began applying this 3-part-formula, other guys started coming up to me, asking me what the hell I had done to become so successful with women. In fact, both men and women I'd known for years would do a double take when they'd see me at bars, parties and events naturally and easily interacting with everyone. Something so radical had shifted in me that I ‘d become an almost unrecognizable version of my former self.

I'd never felt more solid, real and comfortable in my own skin and everyone around me could feel it too. Other guys who knew the old me could see how much of a shift had taken place and as the days and weeks went on my phone started ringing and ringing.

I'll be honest. I never considered that I would be teaching this stuff, but for the first time I could actually see MY OLD SELF in their eyes - the frustration and loneliness they still felt. I also realized that

The Best Way To Learn Something Is To Teach It.

So, I'll selfishly admit that while I wanted to help other guys, what I had discovered for myself was so exciting, refreshing and fulfilling that I wanted to do nothing but continue to develop this way more and more… and so I decided that teaching this to other guys would be a "win" for us all.

Decker felt the same way. And so together, we distilled and refined these 3 core Foundations so that they could be easily learned and integrated.

Here are the 3 Core Foundations. Each one builds on the ones before it…

I -- PRESENCE is the key to creating attraction with women… without even the use of words. What women crave, more than anything else, is for you to be fully in the moment and AWARE of yourself, her, and your environment around you. You can memorize a bunch of lines or techniques to temporarily "spike attraction"…but if you want to create sustained SEXUAL ATTRACTION without a song-and-dance, you need to cultivate Presence. Women relate to the man who embodies this foundation as "The Warrior".

And, Presence makes possible… Appreciation.

II - APPRECIATION allows you to create deep, emotional connections with women -- and have them feeling appreciated, honored, and turned on. Appreciation is not about compliments -- it's about fully embracing and accepting whatever is happening with her in the moment. When you have Appreciation, women will rarely flake on you. Without it however, you will seldom get your calls returned and conversations will stall out on a regular basis. Women relate to the man who embodies this foundation as "The Lover".

Presence and Appreciation together make possible…

III -- INTEGRITY is the key to being completely unshakeable and centered… no matter what she says or how she responds to you. With Integrity, you're clear on who you are and what's important to you. The benefits you'll experience include smooth, confident physical escalation, and the genuine trust and respect of both men and women. Women relate to the man who embodies this foundation as "The King".

Put these three together, and you have a solid, timeless foundation for Inner Game.

We started doing live workshops here in San Francisco (now known as Weekend Intensives) to teach these principles to other guys, , and the participants were blown away. They began experiencing REAL, LASTING results…and they were doing it NATURALLY… without pretending to be someone else.

73 ,nednilagnaM sinneD
AMP Grad
San Francisco, CA

"This is the Real Jedi Mind Sh*t!"

Have you ever met someone who just floored you? You know the man or woman who has a presence about them that is emanating like a force field around them? Well, that's what AMP does for you.

At this point, we realized that …

We Had "Cracked the Code" For Developing Solid "Inner Game"

Now, due to the intense level of personal attention that we offer, we could only reach 12 guys at a time with our AMP Intensive Weekends. So we wanted to widen the scope of our work and help more people at one time.

So, we pooled together all our resources… and with the help of the radiant, razor-sharp women of AMP, we produced a professional, top-quality video series of the 'Foundations of Inner Game' where we covered, from beginning to end, these 3 Core Foundations - and then gave step-by-step instructions for exactly how to integrate them into your life.

And, after exhaustive fine tuning, editing, and adding valuable bonus content, we're finally proud to announce…

The Foundations Of Inner Game
Online Training Program

This online program with 3-training manuals is designed to install the 3 Core Foundations directly into your operating system, like Neo learning kung-fu in The Matrix.

Here's some of what you'll find in Foundation I: Power of Presence: Creating Intense Attraction:

  • If you're often "in your shell" and have a hard time starting conversations, you'll learn a time-tested method that will help you radiate playfulness and confidence.

  • If you want to have those instant, "Wow, I just couldn't keep my eyes off you" reactions from women. Hint: It has nothing to do with what you say or how you look.

  • If you want more passion and connection in your relationships. (Plus: the "optimal" attitude for keeping your relationships fun and passionate.)

  • If you're sick of being "Just Friends" and have trouble getting women sexually interested in you, discover the root cause of your problem, and why it's easier than you think to turn it all around.

  • When a woman doesn't respond to your jokes, stories, or attempts at having fun conversation, chances are you're making this critical mistake.

  • Find out how to "expand" your presence and develop an authentic sense of "sureness" that's instantly attractive to women. This method is also massively useful in business and other life situations.

  • Find out how to create a powerful and seemingly magical "bubble" of connection around you and a woman… whether you just met her at a bar, it's your first date, or she's your long-term partner.

  • A powerful exercise for getting "out of your head" and into your body (real attraction and connection can't actually happen until you do this!)

  • If you find yourself having fun, spontaneous conversations with women once in a while, but can't figure out how to re-create it whenever you want, exercise to instantly bring out your natural inner conversationalist in any situation.

  • If women are occasionally attracted to you for reasons you don't understand, learn how you can experience this consistently. (Plus: A detailed description of how attraction really works.)

  • Discover the hidden criteria most women judge you by… but will almost NEVER tell you to your face. This will help you understand why women act the way they do.

  • If the depth of your connections with women feels limited, discover what's stopping them from going deeper with you. (Get just this, and your connections with women will be deeper and richer for the rest of your life.)

  • Learn the surprising truth about how primal, magnetic attraction is created. (Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with how you look.)

  • Discover the three biggest mistakes men make with women and how to eliminate them in just a few weeks, using specific guided exercises throughout the program that take just a few minutes a day.

  • Ever feel like you're intruding when you approach a woman? Learn the practice that will have women stop their conversations and turn to welcome you, before you even say a word.

  • Learn how YOU can have a woman feel turned-on to the point where she's involuntarily giggling and giddy. See it demonstrated.

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed even before you approach a woman? Learn why men who do specific physical exercises are better able to approach radiant, gorgeous women (We'll show you these practices, so you can do the same).

  • It can be frustrating to interact with those "short attention span party girls." Here's how to have a woman feel your Presence so powerfully (even for just a quick moment) that even the girls who don't have an attention span long enough for MTV will remember you for the rest of the night.

  • When you're not feeling social, use this practice to "jump-start" your mind, get back into your groove and turn your entire night or day around….

  • Learn how to focus your Presence into a compelling force that has women feeling exhilarated and alive… just by being around you. First dates will feel like you're already making love. (See the testimonial below)

yeldeH divaD
Systems Administrator
Belmont, CA

"AMP has opened up new vistas and possibilities that I had no idea even existed. I had dinner recently with a woman and we basically made love over dinner -- such a deep level of connection... very little chatter. It was a powerful, inspiring experience."

In Foundation II: Power of Appreciation: Creating Profound Connection, we cover EXACTLY HOW to create spontaneous, exciting conversations and DEEP CONNECTION with women, whether for a night…or a lifetime.

We'll show you:

  • The critical distinction that will ensure that you're NEVER at a loss of words. Say goodbye to awkward silences… forever.

  • Most guys are strangers to their own emotions, and therefore can't relate to a woman's emotions. Discover how to open up to your OWN emotions, and watch your connections with women deepen, immediately.

  • A simple exercise to build instant rapport and deep connection. This will impact everything from your "cold approach" to your long-term relationships, and have women opening up…'I don't know what it is about you, but I just feel so CONNECTED to you.'

  • Discover the 2 key ingredients for creating not just interest or attraction, but carnal lust in a woman through the quality of your connection. This will set you apart from almost every other man she meets.

  • How to discover and share with a woman a deep truth you noticed about her,…"Oh my God, it's like he saw right into me!" Watch it demonstrated.

  • Learn how Decker's sex life skyrocketed when he realized how to invite a woman deeper into her own emotional experience… and the practices that will have you be able to do this as well.

  • The AMP "Frame" Game: a step-by-step method that you can use on dates or in your interactions with girls that will deepen and intensify connection, immediately. Use it any time you want to deepen your interaction a level or two…or five.

  • How to embrace FEELING your attraction and WANTING a woman, without becoming attached to "getting" her. This is critical if you've ever had "neediness" kill an interaction.

  • The "Soul-Vision" method that creates a bubble of intimacy around the two of you. With this practice, you'll be able to feel a noticable circuit of connection with a girl that literally "electrifies" the interaction.

  • AMP's "Kino-Vision" practice has women feel TOUCHED, simply by your gaze. This is going to "pump-up" your sensuality, intimacy and eroticism with women… even from across the room.

  • How to let yourself be emotionally impacted by a woman without "losing yourself." This opens the doors for the kind of sex where you're both moved to tears at the depth of connection you're experiencing together.

  • If you "run out of things to say," here's a proven method you can use to recover in just seconds... and have her surprised and impressed with your spontaneity!

  • How to get rid of shame and neediness and learn to enjoy all aspects of your relating with a woman, regardless of her response to you. Note: We show you EXACTLY how to do this.

  • Most girls are bored to tears in their conversations because of this one BIG MISTAKE that you probably also make without even realizing it... Here's how to see it, avoid it, and instead have your conversations move like a sexy, electrifying and refreshing dance!

  • How to speak your gut-level intuitions about her in the moment with an artistry and clarity that will have her immediately opening up to you.

  • The AMP "Choices Game" that creates some of the richest interactions possible because of its simplicity, purity and authenticity. When you get this one down, it will open up to a whole world of what you can create with a woman.

  • Find out why WHAT you talk about never matters... EVEN if it's a topic she deeply cares about. Once you get this realization it will lead you to truly rewarding interactions -- and yes, no matter what you talk about!

  • If you were ever having a great connection and it suddenly died, this ONE BIG THING may be your problem. We'll show you what NOT to do, and how to make sure your conversation never "putters out" again.

  • When she's acting uninterested, chances are she's not feeling connected with you. Here's how to build that sustained, unbreakable emotional connection she's longing for right from the beginning.

  • Watch five men go through the gauntlet of interacting with our female AMP coaches. You'll be able to apply their realizations to your own interactions as you watch how deep connection is created… and destroyed.

Joe K., 40
Investment Manager
Portland, Oregon

"It's almost frightening how quickly I can now get to know another person on a deeper level."

Yesterday I finished the AMP Power of Appreciation, and I had multiple "A-ha!" moments., especially around the concepts of "Captive Audience", "Shared Humanity", and "Connection vs. Content".

I usually struggle to find questions that can deeply connect me with a woman, but since watching the videos, that has completely changed.

Previously, I thought that attraction was a prerequisite for connection. I see now that attraction can arise because of connection.

In Foundation III: Power of Integrity: Inspiring Her Trust, you'll learn to SHED NEEDINESS, inspire trust and step into being a powerful, unshakable, grounded leader in conversation, in the bedroom and in your life.

  • Access your inner depth and power and never have to kiss-up, try to impress women or resort to being an arrogant jerk to win their attention.

  • She's dying for a man who's stable... even when she's pissed, sad, or feeling disconnected from you. Here's how to remain solidly grounded in who you are, no matter what happens in your interactions -- AND, "call her out on her own unconscious patterns and behaviors" when necessary.

  • One very common, easy-to-make mistake that could destroy your connection/relationship (and why she'll tempt you to see if you'll fall for it!).

  • If she's "not sure" about you yet, here's an ultra-powerful way to build trust in just seconds that will blow her away. (Why? Because most men will never, EVER do this... yet this is exactly what she's been longing for).

  • How to take any conversation that's gone wrong (or is just plain boring)... and turn it into a heart-pounding, exciting adventure. (She'll not only enjoy the conversation... she'll be amazed and impressed at how quickly you turned it around).

  • What does it mean to 'be creepy?' Discover what 'creepiness' really is when it's broken down piece by piece so that YOU never make the "all too easy" (and often good intentioned) mistakes that creep women out!

  • How the art of 'owning your truth' can inspire levels of intimacy that most men will never know... and a step-by-step process that works almost every time for creating passionate connection.

  • How to stay completely centered in the face of her full range of emotional expression (rage, sadness, lust, despair, ecstasy, anger)... and enjoy the exhilaration of being with a truly surrendered, feminine woman.

  • How to design an emotionally and sexually intense roller coaster ride for a woman. (Most women turn to 'bad boys' for their emotional and sexual rides... here's how YOU can create that exhilarating ride for them without having to act like a jerk.)

  • Do your words have power? Find out how to infuse your words with authority, Presence and truth, so that when you speak she can actually feel the weight of your words).

  • Does 'looking cool' and acting aloof really attract women? Discover why this is unnecessary, and can be a deadly killer of intimate connections and relationships with women.

  • How to defuse almost any 'negative' interaction that started off on the wrong foot (and instead turn it around into an EVEN MORE rewarding, exhilarating and deep connection).

  • Discover what's so magnetically attractive for women about a man who has his own 'code of values'. Use these methods to find out what really, deeply matters to YOU (This is actually one of the 'big keys' to deep connection, and sizzling-hot relationships).

  • How and WHY women will never stop testing you… and how you can pass with flying colors every time, without compromising yourself. (Afterwards, she'll be waaaaay more interested in opening up to you).

  • The most common and deadly screw-up "nice guys" make that instantly kill their chances at building a deep connection. AND… most women will NEVER tell you that you're making this mistake!

  • If she's being cold, bitchy or angry, here's a surefire way to handle the situation every time. (Most women are blown away when a man knows how to go right to the core of the issue and address her REAL concern).

  • An incredibly powerful exercise you can use anywhere to instantly tap into a foundation of power, dignity and strength. (Doing this in a crowded bar, before a date, or in your relationship will immediately give you access to unshakable confidence.)

  • How deeply should you connect with a woman if it's just a casual relationship? Find out how to enjoy a hot, juicy, turned-on relationship with amazing sex... without causing a messy and painful breakup.

  • If you want to inspire undying love and devotion from a gorgeous, radiant woman who's looking for a real man... you must first develop THIS critically important personality trait.

  • Build the foundations for carnal, passionate sex by learning to bring out ALL of her self-expression and sensuality. When you get really good at this, she'll feel inspired to actually worship you.

Scott, 22
Systems Engineer
Norfolk, VA

"I Am Blown Away...

I have been studying AMP's material for the last 10 months, and there are literally SO MANY powerful distinctions in this program that it is not even close to possible to get it all in one viewing.

I am blown away by all of the deep, life-changing, paradigm-shifting, breakthrough distinctions provided here!!!

Thanks guys!"

I'll Let You In On a Secret:
This Is About Waaaaaaay More Than Just Women.

This program is something that will improve your relationships with women. But the fact of the matter is that it impacts ALL areas of your life.

If you seriously take on the practices in this program, you're going to see a boost in your confidence and assertiveness with your FRIENDS, FAMILY, COWORKERS… EVERYONE.

So, to summarize the 3 Core Foundations:

Foundation: Makes Possible
For You:
Interactions Become: Without It:



Intense, Instant & Sustained Attraction (even without the use of words); Hot; Exciting Erotic; Intoxicating;
Electrically charged
You create no "spark" with women; You get ignored, overlooked and dismissed.




Deep Emotional Connections; Rewarding Conversations; Spontaneity; Emotional Awareness; Self Confidence & Self-Acceptance; Non-Neediness Heart-Opening; Emotional; Healing; Bonding Deeply connected

(Think: being awoken by enthusiastic world-class, blowjobs)
Women flake on you; Your conversations "stall out". You put up a wall or you get easily irritated and triggered. You feel desperate or on the other extreme you feel nothing.




Unshakable Composure; Respect from Men; Fearless Cold Approaches; Smooth, Confident Emotional and Physical Escalation; Leadership; Trust & Devotion Intense desire; Deep devotion; Unwavering trust and gratitude for you; The positive spotlight of attention becomes naturally focused on you.

(Urban legends where your girlfriend shows up with her hot friend for your birthday)
She doesn't trust you; Unable to take the lead. Constantly giving your power away to her and killing attraction. People don't seem to listen to what you have to say as closely or with as much interest as others.

After these Core Foundations have settled into your mind and more importantly, your body… you'll NEVER have to worry, "What should I do?" ever again.

These Foundations will provide the road map for you to get in touch with YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF, and from this place you can naturally make the kinds of powerful, clear, bold choices that women are always hoping to experience from men.

NOTHING Beats Watching Examples of Real Interactions

Inside each of these 3 Foundations, you'll get tons of bonus footage of interactions with AMP facilitators and female AMP coaches as they work 1-on-1 with men from the audience of the Foundations of Inner Game Weekend.

You'll see real-live examples of...

  • How Jason (a participant) learns to tap into both his heart AND his raw sexual desire to rock a woman's world. Watching this happen will help you "get it" for yourself.

  • See Chip drop his "Nice Guy" social mask, and get into his body so that he can access his masculine core. You'll be amazed to see his inner shift… and you'll see how you can do the same thing on your own.

  • Watch Scott let down his emotional "body armor" - the protection that keeps him away from true connection with women. See how much a woman opens up to him as a result…

And much more. Remember: This isn't a speaker giving you theories and ideas from behind a podium—it's a TRAINING PROGRAM. In fact…

You May Think We're Being Too Harsh On These Guys.

In the program, we give SHARP, uncensored commentary on these guys and their progress. In fact, before we released this program we debated about whether you'd think we were being TOO HARSH on them.

But the value of this work is that we give the feedback that most people aren't willing to give. You'll hear us tell these guys exactly what they're doing right, and in no uncertain terms, where they are sabotaging attraction without even realizing it.

We examine every interaction with a fine-toothed comb, breaking it all down into bite-size pieces that you can easily understand and learn from.

We'll be doing recaps, instant replays and sportscaster-like commentary as well. We'll stop the video at different spots, explain what just happened in an interaction, making sure you catch those pivotal moments when attraction and connection was created…and destroyed.

This is the best way to integrate these discoveries into your OWN life.

PLUS, You'll Also Get 8 Valuable Bonuses, Worth Over $300 Alone

In addition to the Foundations videos, you'll also get:

Bonus #1: The "On The Go" Pack - The Full Foundations Program on MP3 Downloads

You'll get the entire Foundations Program in downloadable audio form. Drop it onto your iPod or other audio player, and improve your interactions with women wherever you are in the office, at a café, on the street, in the gym or while commuting to work.

Bonus #2: 'Interview with Appreciation Guru' MP3 ($37 value)

Mark Lewis,
Master of Authentic Connection

This an exclusive interview with a true master - Mark Michael Lewis. For a time, Mark was managing relationships with 7 WOMEN AT ONCE. And we're not talking casually dating… I mean authentic, intensely intimate, heart-connected, rockin'-sex relationships with 7 women who ALL KNEW ABOUT each other, without any secrets, illusions or evasions… and he saw each of them every week.

This may not be a lifestyle you'll want for yourself... HOWEVER, the skills Mark needed to have for each of these radiant women to know about each other and still be dying to see him… AND to deal with all the reactions, jealousy and intensity that inevitably arose… took something damn special.

And in this gold nugget-filled interview we break it all down for you.

Bonus #3: 'Interview with Integrity Guru' MP3 ($37 value)

Aaron Pava,
Badass of Inspiring Trust

AMP Facilitator

This interview with Aaron Pava is a prime example of Integrity in action. An entrepreneur and political activist, his accomplishments include registering over 15,000 people to vote in the 2004 U.S. election and organizing nonprofit fundraisers for thousands of people. He also started my San Francisco men's circle, growing it from just 6 men to over 90. In our interview, together with the beautiful Anna-Liisa (one of our AMP Women), you'll learn:

  • Why having a 'super-career' doesn't necessarily matter for success with women, but why having THIS key element does.

  • The part of your body that immediately portrays to women whether YOU are 'on-track' or not in your life.

  • How to you can use the subtle sensations you feel in your body during an interaction with a woman to free yourself from the negative self-talk that kills attraction and turn it around right in the moment.

  • My friend and AMP facilitator Garrison's discovery about how his Integrity 'looked good' on the outside… but on the inside, it was full of holes. Learn how he put it all on the line, and how you can do the same thing to take YOUR Integrity to the next level (In a woman's eyes this is what separates the Men from the Boys).

  • Anna Liisa shares about the biggest 'trust-killer' for women, and how you can avoid this mistake.

42 ,hcruhC nhoJ
Charlotte, North Carolina

"The Guru of Integrity Interview Audio Was Worth the Price of the Program Alone."

Bonuses #4, #5 and #6: Training Manuals for Presence, Appreciation, and Integrity

($67 value each) total value: $201.00

Each of these downloadable manuals could stand on their own as a separate training program. Together they're 190+ illustrated pages of bonus material, packed with diagrams, vulnerable personal stories, entertaining examples, audio transcripts, new distinctions and, most importantly, integration exercises.

These training manuals are designed to INFUSE this stuff into your BONES, so you don't have to think about doing things differently -- you simply find yourself naturally BEING different, effortlessly.

Bonus #7: Decker's Appreciation Meditation MP3 Download ($27 Value)

If you've been on the Inner Circle Online Forum, you might have seen the buzz that was created from a previous Decker Meditation on one of our Monthly Inner Circle Training releases. Decker did another meditation session, this time to help you integrate the Core Foundation of Appreciation. Here's what one subscriber has to say about the meditations Decker leads:

13 ,kcolrucS divaD
Passenger Service Agent
Hawthorne, CA

"Oh my God... after listening to the Decker Meditation, I am still tingling and feeling all the sensations in my body I didn't even know existed as I type this. I can only imagine if I feel like this and I am in the presence of a woman..."

Bonus #8: Integrity Meditation MP3 Download ($27 Value)

This second meditation is led by Aaron Pava, from our "Integrity Guru" Audio above. After the first time I listened to this, I took a walk through my neighborhood and I felt PROFOUNDLY more solid, grounded and centered in my body. You will too, after listening to it and following the instructions. This is a great audio to listen to if you want to feel solid and connected to yourself right before you go out for the night, or out on a date.

Together with the bonuses, you're getting a COMPLETE PACKAGE for nailing your Inner Game challenges.

So, How Do You Know If You Need This Program?

If you are ready to MASTER:

  • ‘Cold approaching', and then keeping conversation naturally flowing

  • Consistently creating sizzling attraction, and feeling comfortable in your skin around gorgeous women

  • Creating deep connections that have her calling you back, excited to see you again
    Expressing sexual interest: 'I'm really turned on by you'

  • "Escalating" or knowing the right steps at the right times without having to think about them because they feel totally natural (Asking her out - getting her # - kissing - touching ,etc)

  • Staying in control when she tests you, when she isn't trusting you, or when she gets emotional, upset or just plain cold

...then you'll be seriously SERVED by this special offer, and your connections with women will change dramatically.

BUT I have to warn you… this program isn't for everyone…

Who Should NOT Get this Program

This program is not for "benchwarmers." Sorry, but we definitely don't let you just passively sit on the couch and watch other guys have all the breakthroughs. This is a Training Program. In the Training Manuals, we ask you questions, confront your perceived limitations, and have you complete written exercises.

We'll even have you stand up and practice some of the embodiment exercises so that this stuff gets HARDWIRED into your neural system. Why? Because these exercises WORK. But there is no "magic pill" -- you have to claim these breakthroughs for yourself and we'll show you how.

If all you want is to "just get by," and you aren't really motivated to engage with this material and make some real changes, then this program isn't for you.

Remember, you're getting the FOUNDATIONS. Without these Foundations, your skills with women are like a house of cards, ready to collapse as soon as she comes over and shakes the table!

But when your Foundation is SOLID, your ability to create lasting attraction and connection with women will be real, consistent, rewarding… and you'll have it for the rest of your life!

It All Comes Down To This:

Well-documented studies have shown that the single biggest indicator of lifelong happiness is…

  • NOT your income

  • NOT your possessions (nice car, big house, etc)

  • NOT your looks

  • NOT where you live

Can you guess what it is?

The Single Biggest Indicator of Lifelong Happiness IS
The Quality of Your Relationships

So let me ask you a question.

Doesn't it just make logical sense to INVEST in the very thing that is going to bring you the most fulfillment, happiness and joy in your life?

What would the ability to create deeply rewarding, uplifting, sexually off-the-hook relationships with women be worth to you -- to have a solid, flexible, unscripted, dynamic, authentic Foundation for Inner Game to draw from, that applies to ANY CONCEIVABLE SITUATION that could possibly come up with a woman…FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

What would that be worth to you? $1,000? $5,000? Maybe even $10,000…or MORE?

The only other place we offer this information is in our $2,400.00 Intensive 3-day courses -- which guys have told us are so rewarding that they gladly would have paid upwards of $10,000.00 if they had known how valuable it would be.

Even though we go into 5 TIMES more detail about the Foundations here than we do in our Intensives, this program isn't going to cost you $10,000.00, or even $2,400.00.

Here's Everything You're Getting:

  • 11+ hours of Video (valued at $547)

  • MP3 "On The Go Pack" Foundations Program Audio Downloads (valued at $97)

  • 2 Bonus "Inner Game Guru" MP3 Interviews (valued at $74)

  • 2 Exclusive "Meditation Integration" MP3 Downloads (valued at $64)

  • 3 Bonus Training Manuals (190+ pages of Bonus Material & Integration Exercises) valued at $201)

Total Value: $983.

I want to help you get this part of your life handled, and I don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way… including your financial situation.

So, we're giving ALL of this to you for only one easy payment of $983.00 $197 or 4 monthly payments of $49.25 .

Click here now for 1 easy payment or 5 easy installments:


And This Includes Our Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

"You'll Be Blown Away"
100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so convinced this program will profoundly increase your success at relating with women that I want you to test drive the program for 90 days. Bluntly, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, or even no reason at all, just send it back to us and you will be granted a full no-hassle, no questions asked refund.

Simply put... If you aren't happy, we don't want your money!

When you click the "Order Now" button, fill out your credit card information, and on the confirmation email we'll give you instant access to the videos and MP3 steam and downloads.

Click here now for 1 easy payment or 5 easy installments:

You owe it to yourself and to the incredible women you'll be meeting in the future to step up and claim the masculine power and inherent authenticity that is ALREADY IN YOU.

It's dying to be released…and this is your chance to let the REAL YOU shine in the world, RIGHT NOW.

It's time.

I'll see you on the other side…

Committed to your success
with women
and in the rest of your life,

Bryan and the AMP Team

P. S. Remember, I'm offering a MONEY BACK guarantee. The very worst off you could get your money back. The more likely scenario is that you'll be well on the path towards finally overcoming your approach anxiety, eliminating self doubt and frustrating "validation-seeking" behavior, and creating deep attraction and sexy electric connections with women. Claim your power as a man and access the abundance of women, love, sex and intimacy that's waiting for you.

Click here now for 1 easy payment or 5 easy installments:

Here Are Some Testimonials From People Who Were At The Foundations Weekend

The player will show in this paragraph

Hear From Women About The Men They’ve Met Who Have Studied AMP Material

Here's What Women Have to Say About AMP:

Bodhi, 29
Clothing Designer
San Francisco, CA

"I Wish They'd Take AMP"

It's such relief when I'm out with a man who embodies the work of AMP. I love that I can let go and trust that they're not going to freak out or withdraw or shut down because I'm going through my own feminine experience.

When a man is really present with me it feels like we can really play. Now that I know men who are really present, in contrast, any man who isn't present is just far less interesting to me. I wish they'd take AMP.

Brenda B.
Oakland, CA

"I've known Gary [AMP Graduate] for a long time and I'm amazed at how much he's grown through this work. I just feel beautiful, relaxed honored in his presence. I feel so listened to and heard by Gary and it's just not that common. I often feel that men react or try to manipulate me.

Men who can't be present with me will never be more than a friend. Men think that if they're present they'll lose their masculinity and that just couldn't be further from the truth. I feel so much more feminine when I'm with a present and masculine man."

Zelosai W., 31
International Finance Student
San Francisco, CA

"A lot of guys can be really clueless and disrespectful. They just don't get what it means to really connect with me. I feel that I can really connect with men who know AMP. I just don't feel that way with other guys.

Women who interact with AMP men will feel more attraction and desire because AMP men are more in tune with what's going on around them, that creates a lot of attraction from women because it is rare to find a man that is in tune with me as well as in tune with himself.

It goes without saying that a man who really knows himself is far more appealing to a woman than someone out there who is just lost in the world.

When you find that man, he is a gem."

Pam K., 30
Nursing Assistant
Oakland, CA

"The AMP Guys 'Get It'"

"The men involved with AMP are really interested in knowing themselves and who they are. That's really important to me in a man.

It's a big deal to me because there's no way I'm going to spend my time with someone who's not showing up. I can feel it in my body when a guy's not really fully there and most guys don't even get it, but AMP guys do. When he really is fully there I feel more at ease and interested in him."

Carolina G., 24
Grad Student
Berkeley, CA

"I Feel Safer To Open Myself to Men Who Have Studied AMP"

"When I meet men after AMP they're more attractive because they are more in touch with their masculinity and that instantly makes them more sexy. Men who know themselves are much more interesting to me. I feel safer to open myself to him. I can take more risks to play more. If he's not really present then its like 'whatever".

I almost have to laugh when I think about the difference between the men I know who have done AMP and other men I meet out in the world. Men I've met who have studied AMP are way more confident. Other men just get all nervous and stressed out.

It's too bad that not every man I have met is from AMP. It would be awesome if all men have been through AMP so that I can have that kind of experience more."

Here's What Other Men Have to Say About AMP:

23 ,dlanoDcM leahciM
San Francisco, CA

The Power of Integrity completes the journey I began in POP and POA. The breakthroughs I've had in Presence and Appreciation have been mostly "ah-ha" moments, but my breakthroughs in Integrity have been "oh my god" moments. (What the pickup community calls "inner game" doesn't even come close to this.)I think PoI is the best of the AMP DVDs, and this is where most of my issues are. Watching this was like a laundry list of the things that I'm doing that keep me from living fully, and a lot more is possible now that I can see what I'm doing.Some things I've learned from this first watching:I have been fooling myself into thinking I'm composed, but really I'm just posturing, pretending like I don't care. (There's a lot of great material here about forms of collapse and posturing, learning to ride that razor edge of composure between the two.)Integrity isn't something I can just do occasionally. Women are super-sensitive to anything out of integrity, even the slightest change in wording.How women feel when I am on 'nice' autopilot (huge!)

The night after I watched the 1st DVD I was at a party, talking with one woman who was passionately sharing with me (the result of my appreciation). But: I had picked up elsewhere in the room that a 2nd woman I was interested in was getting ready to leave (through presence). I was conflicted -- I didn't want to break this connection but I wanted to get the other woman's number too. As I hesitated I felt a burning sensation rise up in my chest, and I realized that that was my Integrity, communicating exactly what I really wanted to do. I was forthright with both of them, excusing myself from the 1st to tell the 2nd I wanted to connect with her again, then I returned to the 1st and got even deeper into the conversation again. I got both their contact info, and more importantly I felt whole.

Chicago, IL

"I have found that combining the direct cold approach (done with 100% integrity) with presence and appreciation is so incredibly fucking powerful...."

"...I went out for a night of hanging with the boys last saturday and met a super-cute socially conscious latina woman at the bar. I wasn't "doing" presence or appreciation, but I was really breathing it and feeling it. It felt so good.

She was sitting at the bar with a girlfriend and I glanced at her as I walked by and met my buddies at the end of the bar. I felt a state of expanded presence and I was in my body from the soles of my feet up to my head and beyond....I did the "owning your space" exercise...and within seconds the latina turned around to look back at me.

I approached her...breathing into my belly, being in the moment, feeling my body, not in my head, in a state of appreciation...really genuine curiousity. We made eye contact and the appreciation circuit was so ON. I don't remember what we talked about, but it wasn't much.

Soon she was literally falling into me and I into her. This was the best rapport I have experienced in years...real open-hearted connection. Other guys were trying to talk to her or get her attention and she kept turning back towards me like a magnetic pull. Anytime I became aware of what was happening I pulled myself out of my head and back into my body.

I am taking her out tomorrow night."

52 ,nairdA
Software engineer

"I'm Now With a Woman that I Find Amazing."

Most of all I want to say that to you and all at AMP that WOW. What you do is so great that I can not even start to describe it in words. I'm kind of speechless but to put it simple I feel more free and alive than ever before in my life.

I used to be a person who roamed the net after all sorts of "pick-up" stuff and things related but the more I did this the more dead I felt inside and farther away I got from who I really was inside and the kind of relationships I wanted with people and with women in my life.

After watching the Foundations of Inner Game I felt a shift inside of me that took me to a place that was inside of me all along, like since I was born and I felt great, I felt free, authentic, sincere and honest with myself and others, but most of all with myself.

And through myself I've been able to have great relationship with everyone in my life, and I'm now with a woman that I find amazing. I gotta thank you all at AMP from the bottom of my heart-- I am like a little boy waiting for the next DVDs. Thank you again!"

43 ,.F evetS
Web Designer
Sparks, Nevada

I just finished Power of Integrity today - it was a kick ass set of DVDs, probably the best of the three volumes. It really helped cement an understanding of Presence and Appreciation and probably had the greatest effect on me. I've had an easier time of accepting what I feel and feel motivated to express my truth, where before I would hold it back out of fear or from not wanting to "rock the boat."

14 ,yarB miJ
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Fredericksburg, VA

I love your stuff and I’m blown away by everything you have to offer. It’s completely changed the way I date. I went on over 100 dates last year without feeling any connection and now this work has changed everything.

What you guys are doing is revolutionary. I don’t even relate to it as “game” anymore. It takes the game out of the process and makes you real. I’ve put tons of money into all the popular “pickup” products like Mystery, etc. I’ve gone through them over and over and I’ve just never got the connection that I’m getting with women that I’m getting now… ever.

I simply wanted most to have a woman be attracted to me and love me for me, without having to change anything about who I am. The fact that you guys have discovered the code to that is totally revolutionary to me. Everything that a guy says he wants, I feel like I’ve got that now… with many women!

Since studying the Foundations material I’ve regularly had women say to me: “Oh my god, who have you been talking to? No other man that I’ve been out with can even go here. What have you been doing?!” They’re always surprised to experience a man being open with them in the way I’ve learned. It blows them away.

It turns me into this rare gem that women just aren’t expecting and it disarms them because I’m being honest and real.

Thanks for allowing me an opportunity to comment on this incredible program. This product has seriously changed my life without having to play any games.

92 ,salenrO esseJ
Mechanic and Artist
Los Angeles, CA

WOW ! The DVD set is amazing. They are so well put together, it's very clear to see how much you guys genuinely care about your work. I'm inspired to master the Holarchy philosophy on life. This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!

.L leahciM
Medical student
Los Angeles, CA

Like a lot of guys I got involved in the social dynamics/pickup scene, focused on my outer game and even read "The Game." I got into Mystery Method and thought it was the magic pill. I did it for almost a year, but it never felt natural. It always felt like a lot of work, like running in water.

Then I got into David Deangelo and it felt much better, more natural. But I still knew it wasn't completely me. When I stumbled upon AMP, I had no idea what it was about but I was searching for that one thing that would bring it all together.

Power of Presence blew my mind. In fact to this day it remains to be the best thing I've ever seen. It literally changed my life overnight. It really hit me that AMP was the connector to everything I had been trying to discover. It was the "string theory," behind everything. After watching it I woke up the next morning and walked around just radiating outward, other people could feel it too. It’s been that way ever since.

After "Power of Appreciation, Creating Intense Connection," I find myself being less emotionally affected by the adverse things going on in my life. I’ll find myself noticing how I feel before I let myself blindly react. That was huge for me and it’s created a major shift in my connections with women. This was probably the deepest and most powerful of all three foundations.

Then I got to "Power of Integrity, Inspiring Her Trust". I gotta tell you, I felt free. I felt like what I learned here gave me permission to be who I am in the most powerful and most free ways, without fear of criticism. It gave me permission to express how I feel with out worrying about the repercussions of how others view me. What a relief!

I feel like I'm so much more magnetic than I used to be. I can see places where I've seeked the approval of others and now I notice people are seeking me out. I'm in love with this stuff. I really am. This is such a gift. I don't know how Decker discovered all this but it's just brilliant. This really is the key.

94 ,.S nosleN
Industrial Sales Engineer
Atlanta, Georgia

I got the foundations series a month ago and really got a lot out of it. Great job on this! You are doing our society a great service. How you’re going about it is quite worthy. The whole concept that you have on the Holarchy has made a huge difference for me.

tforchsA evaD
Lynwood, Washington

"Relating With People is FUN Now"

Since I studied the AMP stuff, people are asking, "OK, what the hell is different with you?" and I'm having a helluva lot more fun with ALL People, INCLUDING women. 

Going through the whole "pickup crap" road, I realized that when I found AMP that if I'm the best version of ME, I'll be attractive.  And AMP has helped give me the roadmap to exactly that.  

Between the DVD's, which I've listented to several times, and the forum, and the monthly interview series...relating with people is FUN opposed to how it USED to be: "I'm interested in this person but I don't know what to do or say..." or, "I'm interested in this person and can manipulate her into bed...but I really want to get to know her as a person.."    AMP opened up a whole new reality for me where I'm realizing I can live my real Life, AND not have to wear the masks...

drahciR oruP
Catering Server
Brooklyn, NY

"I Quickly Started Getting Results -- Wierd Stuff Started Happening"

Wow.  Studying Presence and Integrity put me on a different level. I quickly started getting results -- wierd stuff started happening. I'm a catering server, and shortly after watching Power of Integrity I went onto the dance floor where i work, feeling really solid and complete in my body, made eye contact with this really attractive woman, and she giggled, whispered something to her friend, walked up and immediately started grinding on me...  while I was working...   And lots of other unusual stuff since then....That stuff NEVER happened to me before studying AMP.

yrubsilaS nhoJ
Sacramento, CA

Power of Integrity was by far my favorite of the 3-- the content was incredibly powerful, watching the guys get feedback was awesome. Shortly after watching the DVDs I saw a woman walking towards me...She's like my IDEAL woman -- PERFECT -- just what I was looking for. When I saw her I burst out smiling, and as we passed, she whirled around, smiling, couldn't stop looking at me. We had this amazing moment together in silence, and since then I've had a lot of moments where Presence is affecting women...

36 ,.S.R
Oakland, CA

"This Would Have NEVER Happened Before Studying AMP"

One of the most beautiful moments that’s happened to me in a long time – something that would have NEVER happened before studying AMP – I was in a small Caribbean island off the coast of Panama, at a bar – I grabbed a guitar and went up and sang for the bar — 3 of my own songs – and the bar was MINE.  And this beautiful pink-haired girl from England…came up to me, sat at my side the whole evening. We enjoyed a beautiful night together…one of those classic fairytale events – I was feeling sooo good about myself, centered, and radiating it outward…attracting exactly what I wanted, it without Needing ANYTHING.

Click here now for 1 easy payment or 5 easy installments: