Nothing Beats Personalized, 1-on-1 Attention from Coaches Who Eat, Breathe & Drink Personal Transformation

If you're serious about moving beyond EDUCATION and into real TRANSFORMATION, then a diet of information products (eBooks, CDs, DVDs) just ain't gonna cut it.

What we've found is that the fastest, most effective method for transformation involves working with experts who can zero in on EXACTLY where you get stopped or blocked, and help you resolve those blocks.

Our team of coaches bring both razor-sharp insight & rigor together with compassion and a deep desire to "get in there" with you to clear out anything that's preventing you from living a life you're completely in love with, and having the caliber of relationships and interactions with women beyond what you might have ever dreamed.

We've dealt with all kinds of challenges that come up in meeting, dating and relating with women. Some of the common ones:

  • "Relating with women still feels like a lot of work!" Why??
  • "Why is opening up a conversation with women so challenging, and how can I overcome it?"
  • "I'm pretty competent in most areas of meeting and dating women...except in the area of ______, where I'm completely stuck!"
  • "I could really use someone to work with me on a regular basis, who really knows me, to help me iron out any sticking points and to push my growth edge."

Whether you're just starting out, or looking to take your relating skills from good to great, our AMP coaches can help. We'll help you see the underlying patterns, belief structures or internal challenges that are creating sticking points in your relating, along with specific coaching, NLP or personalized practices to help you blow past them.

Many people who are serious about creating an extraordinary change in their lives have found personal coaching to be the single most empowering step they’ve ever taken. It’s a unique opportunity that many people never experience-- taking time totally devoted to You and your personal fulfillment.

What makes the difference when you've got a coach?

You have someone who:

  • Listens to ALL levels of what you're communicating -- to the words you say and what’s behind them, and someone who expertly listens for what’s not being said.
  • Holds you accountable for your goals and commitments-- who won’t stand by as you let yourself down. Someone who will support you to stay focused and on track towards creating a life you're completely in love with.
  • Genuinely curious about who you really are and what you most deeply aspire to, who is honest with you in a way that has you discover more of who you are, and who is unconditionally supportive of you wherever you're at along the way.

Ultimately, your coach will have your back each step of the way, unwaveringly, celebrating in your challenges and in your breakthroughs as you fully take on living your life to the fullest.

For more information or to sign up for personal coaching contact us at:

Shana James - AMP Facilitator and Senior AMP Coach

If you want to light women up, turn women on, arouse their attraction and desire for you, and have them feel grateful you exist, Shana is the coach for you. She will show you how to do this in a way that has you stand out to women and leaves women wanting more! Shana has given hundreds of men the keys to having what they want with women. Men say they feel more seen with Shana than ever before, giving them access to their POWER, PRESENCE, FREEDOM and TRUTH. Working with Shana is the rare opportunity to BE the man you know yourself to be, to stop settling for less than your best, to bring what you have to offer to the world, and to create inspiring, IRRESISTIBLE connections with women.

Shana has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She is a founding member of AuthenticSF, a creator and course leader for the Authentic Woman Experience™ and a facilitator for the Authentic Man Program™. Shana is also a a dating and relationship coach and a course leader for the Arete Center for Excellence. She draws from a diverse background of personal study, including yoga, Diamond Heart Practice, somatic inquiry and meditation.

Shelly Birger - AMP Facilitator and Senior AMP Coach

Shelly Birger is a course leader and personal coach specializing in emotional awareness and family systems. She has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Illinois and is completing her M.A. in Humanities and Leadership. Shelly's background in Montessori education enriches her approach. Shelly is inspired to facilitate more joy, connection, peace, and synergy in relationships. She's a coach for the Authentic Man Program™ and co-founder of The Conscious Parenting Alliance.

Melissa Hall - AMP Facilitator and Coach

Melissa has worked with hundreds of people as a coach and workshop facilitator to help them access their freedom and choice and she *loves* working with guys to help them become compelling and attractive to women and achieve results in their lives they never dreamed were possible. Melissa approaches her coaching with a rigorous but compassionate and open-hearted approach, always tapping into her innate feminine intuition and expression and always calling out the best in the men with whom she works.

In addition to serving as an AMP Coach, Melissa is a co-facilitator for The Authentic Woman Experience, a trained Life and Relationship Coach, and a Course Leader for The ArÍte Center for Excellence. She draws from a diverse background of training and personal study in man/woman dynamics, somatic psychology, NLP, communication systems, healing modalities, film, writing, and movement practices to provide her clients with the support and tools they need to experience powerful breakthroughs and make lasting changes in their lives. Melissa holds a Bachelors degree from Brown University and a Masters degree from the Academy of Art.

Alissa Kriteman - AMP Facilitator and Coach

Alissa Kriteman is a veteran life coach empowering men and women to transform their lives to experience unprecedented results. Her first book, Four Cornerstone’s to Living your Dreams, is a powerful tool that guides readers to discover and heal their unconscious blocks to success. Alissa is also the host of a popular weekly show called Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex which was recently named one of the Top 10 “What’s Hot” podcasts on the iTunes application for the iPhone.

Alissa Kriteman thrives when you do. For the past decade, she has dedicated her life to empowering people as a coach and facilitator with world-class organizations that serve to transform people’s lives. Utilizing a varied and unique background in the areas of Ontology, Relationship Dynamics, Therapeutic Bodywork, Tantric Yogic Buddhism and Intuitive Guidance, Alissa weaves the appropriate modality into the needs of each moment.

As one of the women facilitator’s of the Authentic Man Program, she happily utilizes her deep Intuitive sense to serve men with bold sensitivity to re-awaken their natural joyous state of being alive. She is committed to men and women living fully awake, empowered lives.

Ray Brejcha - AMP Course Leader and Coach

As an international personal & business coach, seminar leader, and speaker, Ray is passionately devoted to inspiring men and women in leading an authentic life. His approach to teaching and coaching is grounded in his commitment to yoga and health, and a deep understanding of masculine/feminine dynamics. He draws upon diverse experience working in Silicon Valley as a top sales executive, with the Peak Potentials Organization as a Success and Results coach and as a course facilitator for The Mankind Project. Ray was also a competitor on the TV show “American Gladiator”.

Ray has been educated and certified by some of the nation’s top training organizations for coaching, seminar facilitation, sales, marketing and presentation skills, and has coached 100’s of clients in ten different countries. He has facilitated popular monthly workshops in Boulder, Colorado on authentic relationships. He brings a fresh, engaging, warm and witty style to his coaching and facilitation with the Authentic Man Program along with a powerful gift of presence.

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