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How A Messy, Mumbling Geek Discovered How To Shed His Social Mask, Drop Approach Anxiety, Self Doubt – Wake Up Out of “The Matrix” And Effortlessly Speak To Any Woman Without The Slightest Quiver… And Have Her Glow With INSTANT Attraction, Turn-On And Desire In Response.

From: Bryan Bayer



I'm going to describe three scenarios.

Bryan Bayer

As you read them, I want you to pay careful attention. Let's see if you know what I’m talking about.

Scenario #1:

You see a woman you’re attracted to. You’d love to go up and start a conversation, but it’s almost like there’s this invisible WALL of anxiety. You wonder what you could possibly say to her to get her attention and even have a CHANCE with her. But by the time you figure out what to say or work up the courage to talk to her, you look back over and she's gone… or talking to some other guy who easily approached her.

Later you replay that moment and mentally beat yourself up for holding back and forever losing the chance to meet her. You resolve to just DO IT next time... but it never seems to happen and as frustrating as it feels, it KEEPS HAPPENING.

Or, if you do manage to push through that barrier, your creativity, confidence, spontaneity and authentic, likeable self feels completely inaccessable! You “freeze-up”, go blank or keep the conversation painfully platonic. And BAM! Once again, you end up stuck in the “Friend Zone”. If only you could create attraction with her, without having to memorize a bunch of inauthentic techniques or act like someone you’re not.

Scenario #2:

You're in a relationship, and you want to be more connected, and more sexually turned on by each other...but each time you want to reach out... it's almost as if she's put up an INVISIBLE WALL, or even an ELECTRIC FENCE...

You decide to go for it anyway... you reach out to touch her and... her body STIFFENS. Her reaction is so subtle, yet it feels like an immediate punch to the gut. She doesn't want you like she used to. You feel ashamed... embarrassed... stupid... and REJECTED.


Scenario #3:

You have a sneaking suspicion that your challenges in creating attraction and connection with women aren’t going to be solved by more doing more of the same thing you’ve already been doing-- and that you need something that gets at the ROOTS of the problem – but don’t know where to look.

What would it be worth if you actually had a way to dissolve those insecurities, at the source, and FINALLY clear away these “internal obstacles”, forever?

Now, as you were reading these scenarios, you might wonder how I describe these scenarios so perfectly. It’s easy to when I’ve LIVED all of these scenarios myself, over and over.

Sometimes I would see gorgeous, interesting women all around me…and watch other guys connecting with them without even seeming to TRY… and for the life of me, I just couldn’t figure it out.

I finally started asking myself...

What The Hell Is Missing Here?
Why Am I Not “Getting It”?

Growing up, I spent most of my early life buried in fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. I was so desperately clueless about women that I thought it was normal to feel waves of panic and have my mind go blank whenever I was around them.

During high school, I remember lying in bed and praying to God to help me get a girlfriend… for years.

In college it was even worse - the girls I had longed for earlier had grown up to become stunning, beautiful, exciting women… and I felt like they were living in a completely different world.

I had no idea how to relate to them. I was just some poor, geeky, messy, socially inept kid from the Midwest and they were… radiant, beautiful creatures.

The more I noticed the gap between myself and the women I desired the more painful it got!

For a while, I even began to think that maybe some guys were just born under a lucky star while the rest of us were just dealt a bad hand or got whacked with the “unlucky stick” at birth.

And the worst part is that nagging fear that keeps asking, “What if I’m stuck this way and THIS is as good as it’s EVER gonna get?”

The Moment That Changed My Life

In the late 90's I met a student of psychology – a skinny, poor, mumbling army brat named Decker, and because of our mutual interest in meditation, we quickly became great friends.

Almost everything about Decker seemed comfortably familiar to me… except for one thing:

He Was AMAZING With Women.

What fascinated me most was when some of Decker’s lifelong friends told me that his incredible ability with women had developed only recently.

Decker used to have the exact same “chronic” problems with women that I did, but…

Something Massive Had Shifted For Him

While most guys were trying to figure out what they should “DO” to have women be attracted to them, Decker had naturally discovered how to “BE.”

In other words, Decker had discovered how to “be himself” in such an authentic and comfortable way that it literally created a “vacuum” of attention from everyone, especially women… wherever he went.

In fact, Decker soon realized that he didn’t even have to “DO” anything other than just “show up” and interact to have women feel magnetically drawn to him.

I would listen to this painfully simple, skinny, mumbling, messy, baby-faced guy say what seemed like the most random, irrelevant thing to a beautiful woman… and then watch her entire body and face light up the way a kitten suddenly purrs with pleasure when it just feels good from the inside out.

Women were constantly intrigued and captivated by Decker from the very moment they met him… and it pissed me off!

“I’d Met A Guy Who Was JUST Like Me EXCEPT
That He Had Ability With Women Beyond
ANYTHING I’d Ever Imagined Was Even Possible.”

Can you imagine the painful contrast of being ME… and watching this guy - who was almost like my twin brother - effortlessly living and creating everything I’d ever wanted with women?

Whenever we went out together, Decker would hardly speak more than a few words and easily hit it off with the kinds of sexy, intelligent women that I was killing myself just trying to say “Hi” to!

Even when I approached a woman using Decker’s exact same words and body language, I STILL got ZERO response!

Probably the worst, most painful point was when I finally met the kind of woman that I had prayed to God all through high school to send me…gorgeous ballet dancer, TIGHT little body...very spiritual, emotionally aware.

We started spending time together, and I fell HARD for this girl. The attraction wasn't quite clicking, but we really enjoyed our time together....

But when she met Decker, she quickly fell in love with him... and became his girlfriend!

The worst part is that we were housemates -- and I still remember being terrified of walking past his bedroom, for fear of hearing my best friend having sex with the girl I'd fallen in love with...


Rather than remaining pissed at Decker, I knew that what had happened with this girl was a recurring theme in my life...and I wanted to get it HANDLED.

I had already witnessed too much of Decker’s world to settle for my old life anymore. There just had to be a way for me to create that same kind of “mojo” for myself…

He wasn't sure how he did it, either. So we began an investigation to figure out exactly what was inspiring women (and the rest of the world) to respond with such attraction for him.

The good news is that…

Once We Finally Broke Decker’s Experience Down Into Small Enough Pieces…We Discovered That This
Amazing Ability With Women WAS Actually Learnable.

And when those pieces finally started coming together for ME… the results were TREMENDOUS.

Like Decker, but in my own unique way, something deep inside of me had shifted – and I could see a complete transformation in how everyone - especially women - were responding to me.

Suddenly, the women who had completely shot me down in the past were now returning my calls. In fact, for the first time in my life, THEY were pursuing ME!

Meeting and having fun interactions with gorgeous, intelligent women while out with my friends started to became easy and natural.

Going on exciting dates with these women began to feel normal. And as the results kept getting better, Decker and I realized we had tapped into something HUGE.

We had no idea that what we had discovered would soon impact the lives of thousands of men.

We discovered that our 5-stage model (now called the “AMP Holarchy”) was also supported by models of Eastern spirituality and Western psychology, as well as Somatic Therapy, Buddhist and Zen philosophies, Gestalt Therapy, ancient yoga embodiment systems and the Enneagram.

It was also in line with the works of some of the most advanced minds of the 20th century such as Ken Wilber, David Deida, and Eckhart Tolle.

"Inner Game is absolutely essential to improving your success with women. And when it comes to this inner world, Decker is a true master. In fact, I'd say out of all the guys I've interviewed, he's more 'in tune' to inner game issues than just about any other guy out there."

David DeAngelo

"I'm really impressed. Nobody is doing anything even close to this. These guys are the real deal."

Featured in Neil Strauss' NYT bestseller, The Game

Listen, if you aren’t experiencing the kinds of exciting interactions and relationships that you want with women in your life right now, it’s OK. In fact, it’s not even your fault.

The sad truth is that it is very, VERY rare for any boy to grow up with a male role model who has the ability to teach them the principles of authentic attraction… AND show them what is actually possible in creating powerful attraction and connection with women-- whether it’s for just one night… or the rest of a man’s life.

After the transformation we saw happen in my life, and later in the lives of a few of our good friends, Decker and I began to realize how powerful these principles were.

As these principles began to solidify together we started to realize that we had been slowly constructing the FOUNDATIONS to help ANY guy - even awkward, mumbling geeks like our former selves - create the kind of authentic, jaw-dropping success with women that most people believe only happens in the movies.

And that’s when…

We Took The Foundations of Authentic Attraction
And Boiled Them Down Into
A System That ANY Man Can Easily Learn.

As we developed and began teaching our “Inner Game” System, men who had found their way to us from all over the world began reporting life-changing breakthroughs on an almost daily basis.

In fact, so many men were demanding a spot in our weekend courses that within a few short years we moved into our own building in downtown San Francisco with eager students regularly flying in from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, and Germany to take our live program.

Since then we’ve been featured in dozens of radio shows and magazines and grown our team from just Decker and I to over 20 highly trained PHD’s, facilitators, therapists and top-level life coaches who see the impact of our work and have used our principles to collectively shape the lives of thousands upon thousands of men.

AND we’re about to share those same principles with you in...

Our Free Gift Offer:

$335 of Anxiety-Busting Tools to Destroy Fear, Shame and Insecurity With Beautiful Women... And Transform Yourself Into the Solid, Relaxed, Confident Man Who Women Feel Deep Attraction for and Men Instantly Respect...

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2 reasons:

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  2. I want there to be ZERO barriers to getting this information into your hands. I'm fiercely committed to men having fulfilling relationships, experiences and interactions with women, and I'm clear that if you apply just what you learn from this offer, it will have a profound impact on you and the women you interact with forever. 

So here's what we've put together for you:

Free Gift # 1 : "Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed" Video

3-minute preview of the Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed Video...

The player will show in this paragraph

This video is a "rapid-fire," one-hour version of our flagship product: "The Foundations of Inner Game DVD Training Program."

It's packed with practical tools and exercises to develop a solid INNER foundation for creating attraction and connection with women. Plus, you'll get to watch several uncensored, extremely honest interviews with radiant, feminine women about why some men will melt their hearts and others will make them want to bare their fangs.

This is the same no-B.S., concrete, real-world training material that we reveal to our students in our $2,400 in-person AMP Intensives. The insights and breakthroughs you'll receive from this will impact your interactions with women, IMMEDIATELY.

Dan S., 31

"For the very first time, after endless pick-up programs, I'm taking notes. It feels like every thought brings me closer to where I want to be, where I can be me. Thank you very, very much, so many things became clear to me already. Keep up the incredible work!"

Here's a quick sample of some of the great things you'll discover in "Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed."

  • The key to having a woman's ENTIRE BODY RESPOND with turn-on when you first meet her - before you even speak. Learn how Foundation #1 creates ATTRACTION WITHOUT WORDS - 10:38

  • Why trying to "demonstrate value" can actually KILL attraction and connection -- and what to do instead that is FAR more potent and real. - 33:20

  • Women will tell you they feel safe, trusted, soft, feminine, playful, turned on and treasured in your presence -- if you've cultivated Foundation #2. - 18:52

  • How to speak your gut-level intuitions about her in the moment with an artistry and clarity that will have her immediately opening up to you. -- 40:40

  • How to be forthright with a woman about your attraction -- even your lust -- unapologetically, without having her feel objectified. In fact, she's always been looking for the man with this ability. - 27:40

  • How to let yourself be emotionally impacted…without "losing yourself." This opens the doors for the kind of sex where you're both blown away by the depth of connection you're experiencing together. -- 54:20

  • Create a circuit of increasing energy and attraction that literally "electrifies" the interaction with a women -- 24:54

  • Discover how Foundation #3 reveals the critical element that women NEED in order to have sex with you. Hear the raw, vulnerable truth from the women themselves! You may be surprised at what they have to say -- 56:40 MUCH, much more in our Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed Video. This is a downloadable, condensed version of the material from our $2,400.00 courses that you can have immediately... and it's not going to cost you thousands of dollars.

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You'll be receiving three super-poweful inner game tools to support your fast development:

Free Gift # 2 : Monthly Audio/Video Training

You can't learn to ride a bike without first developing a new sense of "balance." However, once you've got it… YOU'VE GOT IT, and that new sense of balance is always accessible, without having to think about it

And just like the process of learning to ride a bike, REAL inner transformation can only take place when you continually deliver the right information to your internal circuitry, and that's exactly what our monthly trainings are designed for.

Our instantly downloadable MP3 audio trainings arrive in your email inbox on the 15th of every month. It features exclusive, cutting-edge, limitation-busting AMP content from Decker, myself, our female coaches and other senior AMP facilitators.

These materials are packed with insights, vulnerable personal stories, entertaining real life examples, practical distinctions and a monthly exercise, all designed to dissolve the places where you "hold back" with women, and to instantly increase your ability to connect and create attraction with women.

Together they're designed to deliver exactly what you need, straight into your neurology, so that when you're out in the world, or out with a woman, you can naturally FLOW in the moment without even having to think about what to do next.

13 ,kcolrucS divaD
Passenger Service Agent
Hawthorne, California

"The AMP audio of the month has not only been a hugely powerful tool for my personal development but my relationships with women has gone off the charts!

I can feel myself changing, growing and embodying what I'm learning with each monthly edition. My biggest enjoyment is to listen to the audio of the month every night right before I fall asleep. I always seem to wake up the next morning feeling more embodied and with a sense of purpose and renewed determination to improve and enjoy my life. Thanks guys...keep them coming!!!"

Free Gift # 3 : Fireside Chat with Decker & Zan (MP3)

Zan is well-known in the seduction and pickup communities and had his own chapter featured in Neil Strauss (a.k.a. Style)'s bestselling book, "The Game." Listen to these two masters as they talk about the experiences that led them both to creating lives surrounded by the beauty, joy and fulfillment of radiant women.

Free Gift # 4 : Decker Teleseminar with Style (MP3)

Listen as Decker tag-teams with Neil Strauss to coach his apprentices through their most challenging sticking points. A great example of seamlessly weaving "inner game" and "outer game" coaching.

Free Gift # 5 : Decker on "Approach Anxiety" (MP3)

The fastest method to dealing with approach anxiety BECAUSE 95% of the work guys do to resolve it is UNNECESSARY. They aren't hitting what's REALLY the problem-and it's NOT "fear of rejection." By not truly understanding what's behind it you may have been wasting your time. In fact, you might even be making it worse!

Most guys are surprised and enlightened to find that the problem is far sneakier -- and way more easily resolved -- than they ever thought.

A Summary of the Free Gifts You'll Receive:

"Foundations of Inner Game: Revealed" Video (Value: $60)
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Why Are We Giving Our Best Stuff Away?

Again, 2 reasons:

  1. Because I'm clear that if you get a taste of the "good stuff," AND you like it, then you may want more of what we have to offer. So it just makes good business sense to give you a "free sample" of some of our best stuff. 

  2. I want there to be ZERO barriers to getting this information into your hands. I'm fiercely committed to men having fulfilling relationships, experiences and interactions with women, and I'm clear that if you apply just what you learn from this offer, it will have a profound impact on you and the women you interact with forever. 

Here's How It Works…

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Finally, you'll receive your illustrated PDF newsletter and your first Inner Game Training audio download on the 15th of the month, delivered via email right to your inbox.

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Congratulations on taking a bold step into the life you deserve.

To your success with women and in life,


Co-founder, Authentic Man Program

P.S. Listen, I know from first hand experience just how intimidating, lonely and frustrating it can be to want something so badly and just not know how to create it - AND, I'm grateful every single day that I know what's on the other side now.

I'm living proof that it really is possible for any man who wants it, to eliminate your unconscious "attraction killing" behavior, claim your power as a man, and experience the abundance of women, love, sex and intimacy that's waiting for you. Click below and see for yourself.

Here's what Women Have to Say About The Work of AMP:


"If a man is really being Present with me I have no choice but to be turned on by it. Once you do the AMP work and go through the process you're not going to think about it any more like, "Ok, now I do this and now I do this." It's gonna be something you'll change about the way you behave in every situation in your life-- not just with women. So it's gonna become a complete transformation of how you interact with the world, and I think that's amazing."


"When I'm with a man who I can feel is connected to his masculinity it allows me to feel so much softer and playful and gentle. It makes me feel so safe and so treasured. It's the hottest thing a man can do, I find it so powerful and so masculine and more than anything it makes me trust that he knows himself. He knows what he wants and he's going to express it. There's nothing sexier. I love what AMP is teaching men. It excites me that men are learning this."


"This is true masculine power. This is not a feminine game. This is real men's work. If you take on this work with AMP everything you want with women is possible for you."


"A man that is really "settled in" will draw my attention from across the room. Attraction, interest, lust… it just increases everything. It turns me on emotionally, it turns me on physically.There is nothing more attractive than a man who is well centered and well grounded and bringing that to the table."


"I know I want to have sex with a man if I feel I can trust him. It doesn't matter if it's the first date or the second date, I see myself in the bed with him."


"When a man speaks from his truth it really impacts me as a woman. It cuts through all the B.S. It cuts straight to my heart and my mind and makes me want to respond in a way that is very truthful and authentic as well. It's extremely sexy when a man speaks from his truth. I think it's vital. I think it's really important for men to learn to be authentic and present. I think it could really help a man connect with someone like me."


"A man who could be like this with me from the beginning would have such a power over capturing my heart."

Here's What Other Men Have to Say About AMP:

33, issabaC nosaJ
Instructional Designer
Oakland, CA

"AMP is Dialed In To What Matters Most"

"Others teach behaviors that 'naturals' have, but these guys teach you how a natural gets to be that way. You can't fake it, you have to live it, and the AMP team focuses on how to do that.

Since I've gotten involved, random women are smiling at me, sometimes before I've even said a word. Interactions with new women (and people in general) are easier, more joyful, and more rewarding, and I'm experiencing more genuine connection."

43 ,.S leahciM
Realtor, NY, NY

"AMP Helped Get Me 'Out Of My Head'"

"I'd always had a problem experiencing what women were feeling when they were with me - I was too much "in my head."

But all that changed. The other day I was talking with a woman I really like on the phone and things just started clicking, and the filters just shut off and I suddenly realized that I could feel her smile over the phone, I even said "I can feel you smiling." She couldn't believe it. I suddenly got it and I can see how this is just the beginning.

I definitely wouldn't have even bothered calling this woman before AMP because I was too closed down to even see it. I can see now how I was just pushing away the women I really wanted without even realizing it.

It's also opened up other connections with my best friends that I never would have dreamed about sharing. I'm in awe of what's happened to my life since discovering this work."

82 ,C cirE
Computer Programmer & Motorcyclist
New York

"Authentic Man Program began the next stage of my life.

I feel unleashed upon the world, happy, and becoming happier. I interact with women and with everyone else on a richer and deeper level."

82 ,.L nhoJ
Grad Student
New Jersey

"The Inner Game Training Program has had a profound shift on my life. Where do I begin? I used to have a fear of being vulnerable that kept me from being me. I feel more free and unencumbered now.

I used to not be aware when I was bullshiting myself. Now I catch myself a lot sooner. I used to mumble and talk like it didn't matter. Now I speak with intentionality of being heard and people listen. I have become a better listener. I am more comfortable with myself.

I used to be ruled by others people's opinions of me. I don't take things personally. I allow myself to get hurt. That's not to say that I am not afraid to get hurt, but I won't allow it to stop me.

I don't put up the barriers that I used to protect myself. It has allowed me to connect to other people better (men and women). I am not afraid to cry. I realized my mission, (not fully, but I know the direction). I stopped drinking. I brought my family closer. I inspired my friends. I helped improve their relationships. My core is the most solid its ever been.

Is it perfect? No. Does it need to be? No. Am I ok with that? Yes. Do I still strive to improve? Always.

I am a learner and I want to continue to learn. I also want to teach because it reinforces all that I learn. I have taken responsibility for everything that happens in my life.

"I have been in the "seduction community" for over 3 years and nothing has hit me as hard as your stuff.

Actually nothing has hit me except your stuff. You genuinely seem like you want to help people and that is a rare thing.

You, Garrison and Decker have been a big inspiration in my life. I believe you have really captured the essence of "it" (wholeness). AMP has helped me realize my gifts. And I know I have a lot more work to do too."

13 ,kcolrucS divaD
Passenger Service Agent
Hawthorne, CA

On the AMP Inner Game Monthly Training Downloads: I'm simply blown away by the quality of information that I receive from you guys. This is the kind of stuff that I've always been looking for but just didn't think it actually existed out there. My relationships with women have completely transformed and I'm having more fun than ever before. I cannot express my gratitude for the difference your work has made in my life. Thank you.

wahspaC yesaC

"I Now Feel Great, No Matter the Outcome"

"These AMP guys are really onto something! I have experienced successes and failures in my interactions with women and I never really knew what was working and what wasn't. I always just thought of it as luck.

After watching the AMP [Foundations of Inner Game] DVDs I took up a practice of cultivating presence and appreciation in every interaction. Suddenly I was feeling positive about every interaction I had, no matter the outcome. Let's just say the outcomes have been great."

(anneJ dna) grebsllE leahciM
Freelance book proposal writer
and developmental editor
New York, NY

"Like most guys, I thought I had everything figured out in my life--I thought AMP would maybe put a few finishing touches on me. Little did I know that it would completely rock my world, shake me to the core, and change my life forever. AMP made me aware of a lot of unfinished emotional business that was still mucking around in the depths of my soul, and which was profoundly affecting the way I was relating to women (and everyone) for the negative. Ever heard of people-pleasers? I was a major people pleaser, and wasn't even aware of it until AMP-- always running around, trying to make sure everyone liked me. How attractive is that to women? About as attractive as a limp, wet towel.

Two months ago I fell madly in love with my life partner. Jena is the woman I always dreamed about, but never before allowed myself to imagine existed. She is a successful entrepreneur, a fellow salsa addict, a well-read philosopher of life, a spiritual adept, a wickedly sensuous creature, an ass-kicking warrioress, and gorgeous to boot! We are having the time of our lives together.

The chance of me attracting a woman of Jena's caliber into my life before AMP was approximately 0.0%. AMP didn't "make me" attractive to her. I attracted Jena in my own right. What AMP did was clear away all the BS that had been accumulating in my life for years, that was preventing my natural attractiveness from shining through--allowing it to shine through for all women, and particularly Jena, to see. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Decker and Bryan.

Guys, AMP will kick your ass--but you'll be thanking Bryan and Decker for it. I guarantee you will look back on it--as I do for me--as one of the most important things you ever did in your life."

55 ,.R eiwoH
Computer Consultant

"I've watched the Foundations of Inner Game DVD Series and I think they're awesome. Really makes a lot of sense (in fact I let a female friend of mine watch them and she says the women in the video are so right on). I've listened to the Inner Game Training Downloads I've received so far and they're really good!"

93 ,.B lraC
Program Manager
Philidelphia, PA

Dear Bryan,

Holy shit, brother - I feel like I discovered that there are other people out there! A deep, ground stomping THANK YOU!

I recently heard a pretty cool description of a leader. We see a person as a leader when we can identify with them, that they've faced the same problems we face, and have navigated them in a way we respect, want to emulate. In that way you are a true leader to me. Thank you for lifting me up, brother.

And I also am excited more than I can say when I see how this is just the beginning.

In brotherhood,


62 ,retsedihC leahciM
U.S. Army
Provo, UT

Hey Bryan.

The [Foundations of Inner Game] DVD's are great, the monthly audio downloads are even better. You've given me a solid glimpse of what's possible--a way of being that I never even knew to want--and the fact that you guys exist at all is a source of hope for me. The fact that you showed me the first steps in getting there myself is priceless. Now I know that I want the kind of life that you have.

I look forward to more of your wisdom.

Take care

.L leahciM
Medical student
Los Angeles, CA

All the interviews and monthly downloads and products I've listened to from AMP, take all the little things people are doing right and just breaks it down and there's nothing better that I've seen. I'm really impressed... and I’m really hard to impress. If this kind of material were taught on a university level anyone who seriously studied it would be light years ahead of everybody else. I think one day this really will be taught in mainstream education on a mass scale. I think this is seeing the matrix.

I could go on and on with testimonials but the fact is that if you're this committed to making a difference in your own life, then it's time to click the link and kick start your life!

I'll look forward to seeing you on the other side.