static1.squarespaceRadical Honesty.

Makes sense, right? But how radical are we talking?

If you are talking to Brad Blanting, you’re talking ALL THE WAY RADICAL HONESTY.

A lot of people, us included, talk a lot about “authenticity.”  Blanton takes us to the next level, cuts through the bullshit (and there’s a lot of bullshit out there) and drops the hammer on what it takes to really get real. 

If you haven’t read Radical Honesty yet, read it. It’s worth it.

This interview with Brad will open up a bit more about what ‘Radical Honesty’ is – and it might be different than what you think.

Listen to the Full Interview here:

You’ll learn:
  • Brad’s “Anti-Perfectionism Mantra”
  • How to avoid ‘Mutual Delusion’,
  • How radical honesty can help get you a job – and get laid
  • A Practice of the Three Levels of “Noticing”.
  • And why, paradoxically, Caring Less can equal Loving More

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