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You’ve arrived at the AMP Intensive Course page.

Our weekend intensive is the deeply challenging & rewarding journey – into the core of who you know yourself to be – that we’re most famous for.

First & foremost – This course is designed for men serious about having extraordinary, mutually rewarding interactions, beyond what most people know are even on the menu.

What’s with All the Fixation
on Relating with Women?

For years now, men all over the planet have been pouring astonishing amounts of energy into taking seminars & ‘bootcamps’, spending countless hours on email lists & forums, reading every article they can get their hands on…all around the subject of how to have what they want with women.

In a time when men are still massively out of touch with their own emotions and passion, pain & frustration with women is the one thing that consistently cattle-prods men into finally taking a look at their lives with honesty & depth.

But for men delving beyond simply avoiding a divorce, beyond learning to get more phone numbers, this journey is turning out to be more than they’d bargained for…

Women are a Great Opportunity for Personal Growth

If there is one thing that triggers men’s limiting beliefs (including shame) even more intensely, it’s being on the receiving end of a woman’s upset.

Any situation in which a man cannot respond consciously, firmly & lovingly, pinpoints profound opportunities for personal evolution.

Men’s disconnection with women, it turns out, is simply a bread crumb trail back to where we’re disconnected from ourselves.

This Course May Be For You If:

  • You recognize the nagging feeling that something is ‘off’, when it comes to intimacy & sexuality
  • You’re already enjoying your relating with women and genuinely want to take it to an even deeper, more authentic level…
  • No matter how developed you are in every other area in your life, you still get uncomfortable or shut down with women…if so, read on…

Though the AMP Intensive it can be a fun and memorable experience, hilarious at times & tearful at others, you definitely need to be ready to have an intense experience.

You Honestly Can’t Find This Experience Anywhere Else…

Nowhere else can you find a curriculum sophisticated enough to facilitate such profound shifts in your relating with women. The AMP Intensive offers you…

1. Direct Experiences with
Downright Super-Natural Women

You will have a full day of direct experience with incredibly insightful women who will tell you exactly how they experience you and feel being around you. These extraordinary moments, sometimes profoundly moving, sometimes profoundly alluring or playful, set a new precedent that you’ll find yourself naturally re-creating back out in your life.

2. Unparalleled Personalized Attention

You will receive precise & in-the-moment feedback in AMP. Our courses are small (12 men), and there is more than a 1:1 ratio between expert facilitators/staff & participants.

AMP’s #1 Guarantee: Every man leaves distinctly aware of subtle behaviors that unknowingly kill attraction with women. These ways of being have often been under your radar for years!

3. Optimal Training Environment & Dedicated Support Staff

The Integral Center is perfectly designed for deep personal work & specialized training scenarios. Our dedicated support staff will see to it that you’ll have no distractions from your experience, handling any personal needs from ever-full water bottles to personal check-in’s & genuine camaraderie.

4. Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader

Personal Pre-Course Coaching Call with an AMP Course Leader. Your intensive begins before you even arrive…after a brief check-in exploration with an AMP Course Leader, men consistently report having huge ‘lightning-bolt moments’ around what they really want & what’s actually in their way.

5. Life-Time Access to Inner Circle (On-Line) Forum

Join a network of conscious & down-to-earth men committed to on-goingly richer and more exciting interactions with men & women. This no-hold-barred forum is moderated by elite AMP Course Leaders.


Not only are men inspired by having such an impactful, once-in-a-lifetime experience in this course, they are consistently shocked that a 3-day seminar can so thoroughly surpass their expectations in so many ways.We’ve been happily eating, breathing & sleeping ‘man/woman dynamics’ for over a decade to hone this body of work. We are experts at identifying the ways men shutdown, freak out, or blow up during vulnerable moments, and get to the root what’s really going on…As a result, hundreds of men have re-defined what a fulfilling interaction with a woman can be through AMP. We really hope you’ll be one of them.

Kendra Cunov
AMP Facilitator

Personal Note from Decker:

My conviction behind this work (in a nutshell):

My top priority is on people fully honoring our environment & each other…
People are authentically generous, aware & conscientious when they are happy…

Today, the #1 source of people’s unhappiness is disconnection in our sexuality & relationships…

Whether you choose to work with us or not, I wish you the most rewarding relating possible.

The planet will be a better place for it.



AMP Intensive Registration & Logistics:

The course is not for everyone. If you are interested, get the application process started here:

Or if you are not into the whole automation thing: Email: [email protected] to apply or for more information.


Our 3 day intensive course is limited to 12 participants to ensure personal, individualized attention. We suggest applying early to reserve your space.

2015 AMP Course Dates:


The AMP Intensive Boulder, CO – March 6-8 2015 Sold Out


The AMP Intensive Boulder, CO – June 26-28 2015 Sold Out


The AMP Intensive Boulder, CO – September 18-20 2015 Enrolling Now!


The AMP Intensive Boulder, CO – February 19-21 2016

Course Times:

Fri   2PM-Midnight Sat  11am-11pm Sun 10am-10pm

Enrollment Cost

4 monthly payments of $625 Or $2300 paid in full (you save $200). Email [email protected] to apply or for more information. 

What Other Men Have To Say About AMP…

“Since AMP, I Have a Lot More Confidence, Success, and Am Taking More Chances!”“Decker and Bryan were really able to demystify and break down relating to women as something that is attainable and within reach. I really got that I could do this too. And I have!Before the course, I was totally stuck. I had not dated in over a year, and I wasn’t able to approach the women I was interested in. Inside, my desires were all jumbled up. I didn’t know how to express what I felt, and had a lot of judgments about it. After the course, I had a lot more confidence and was consistently taking more chances and going after what I want. I dated regularly afterwards, and now I’m in an amazing relationship that I’m completely excited about!The course was great. I feel really good about being in my own skin, and now I can just relax and be with women rather than worrying about how I am appearing. I can enjoy the actual moment rather than being freaked about whatever’s coming up inside of me because of who is in front of me. I got that women actually do enjoy the real, uncensored me rather than some crafted image!”
92 ,sogaL odraciR
Senior Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

“This is the Real Jedi Mind Sh*t!”After leaving the weekend program at AMP, my interactions, my contact with women (and men, for that matter) are on a completely different level. I came away with an enlightened mind and a renewed passion to creating what can only be described as “authentic and real interactions” with every person I meet.I consider myself to be a fairly aware guy, with my awareness at a 6 or 7. With the work over the weekend I can see my awareness going to a 9 or even a 10. IMO, this is the next level, the real jedi mind sh*t that takes interactions with people to even greater heights.Have you ever met someone who just floored you? You know the man or woman who has a presence about them that is emanating like a force field surrounds them? Well, that’s what AMP does for you. It allows you to see and feel these waves.
73 ,nednilagnaM sinneD
San Francisco, CA
Director of Business Development

“AMP has Impacted and Enriched Every Facet of My Life”Before AMP: I was meeting women, but it was from an apologetic, inauthentic place.What I learned in AMP has impacted and enriched every facet of my life, every relationship — parents, friends, patients (I’m a registered nurse), coworker, and of course women.At AMP, I got in touch with my deep desire FOR a woman. I used to hide my sexual interest, afraid I’d upset her. Now, I show my interest — I’m comfortable with myself, and my raw sexuality with women. I’m now able to look her in the eyes in a way that says “I want you. I respect you, AND… I want you.” And, it’s a totally natural thing, more natural than anything I tried before.I feel more solid, and I have more CHOICE in who I want to date. I know I’m able to have a much deeper connection, a greater understanding and empathy, and that’s made a huge difference in how women relate with me.Since AMP, women are approaching me and saying hi to me… I have more respect for myself, and other people do too.AMP goes far beyond dating and women. It goes deep down into the core of who you are, what you want, and how to bring out all parts of yourself to every interaction.In terms of building confidence and masculine power, nothing else comes even CLOSE to AMP.
62 ,nalaB drareG
Boston, MA
Registered Nurse

“One of the Hardest and Most Profoundly Rewarding Things I’ve Ever Done”“If you’re at a place in your life where the Authentic Man Program sounds like something you ould benefit from, I can’t encourage you enough to make the leap. AMP is at the same time one of the hardest and most profoundly rewarding things I have ever done. I cannot fathom anyone not being glad that they experienced it.”
43 ,yelruG tihW
Graphic Designer
San Francisco, CA

“I Would Not Trade These Experiences for Anything!”“I had had many great experiences with women before AMP, but to a large degree everything was passing me by. Before AMP I could see what I wanted in my head but I wouldn’t execute. Now I have a life with more fluidity, a life that’s fully lived, no feelings of inferiority or superiority, and my relating with men and women has changed so tremendously, I feel such a tremendous gift that the relationships that I do have are much deeper and more fulfilling to me.””In the course, it was really a challenge to have so strong a mirror held up to me. It was not easy, but I really enjoyed the men in my course and got so much out of it–it was so much more than I expected. I thought it would be some dating course where I would learn some pickup lines and other outer game, but it was really nothing like that, and I’m glad it wasn’t. Outer game wouldn’t have gotten me to the experiences that I had over the last six months almost a year now. I would not trade these experiences for anything. The course really opened up my hunger for really deep relating which includes, but is so much more than just getting a first conversation started– it’s about my Being.””Decker is very charismatic, and develops trust and very quickly and easily, definitely a genuine feeling. I really feel his commitment and his desire to do this work. He shares his own life in the course very boldly at times, and that really helps to ground the teachings. How he interacts with the students–it’s very approachable and he’s got a very strong intuitive sense of what really serves a man in a situation, and I really appreciate his tenacity — he’s really committed to digging in and staying with them until they can really get a breakthrough.”
yeldeH divaD
Systems Administrator
Belmont, CA

“I’m Really Attaining Mastery Over Approaching Women!”A transcripted voicemail story from an AMP grad:”Hey guys, I just had to call you! This absolutely divine woman, I mean probably a 10, she’s standing in front of the manicure store and we smiled at each other. I immediately park my car, took a couple breaths and set aside the stories in my head– much in the spirit of AMP– and walked right up to the woman who’s running the store and said, ‘Obviously I’m not here to get a manicure; I’m here to make the acquaintance of this beautiful woman who works for you.’And so I walk up to this gorgeous woman, smiled at her and I said, “I saw you, and I just had to immediately park my car and meet you.” And that she just opened and told her client the excuse that I was inquiring about Brazilian waxes! Then she took me aside and I got her number. AMP was with me the whole way — I’m really attaining mastery over approaching women!”
43 ,grebueN nayrB
Business Coach
San Francisco, CA

“I Was Completely Altered After Sunday”“For me it’s been easy to make small talk, be flirty, make some jokes and create attraction with women. What was missing was the deeper, more risky conversation and connection. AMP really helped me discover a new way of relating that was less gimmick and small talk, and more real and authentic.””The course was a great reminder that it’s not about what you say to a woman. It’s not about the what, it’s the how. It’s how you show up. It’s a reminder about being curious about that person’s story, getting the whole woman– about how you connect with her versus the words that you use.””AMP has created a real transformation in the way I relate to dating. For one, I’m much more resilient. If a girl didn’t like me in the past I would feel rejected– not good enough, not smart enough– but now it’s not personal for me and that’s a lot of freedom for me. That makes it a lot more fun and I don’t have to take dating so seriously!””Post-AMP I found myself taking a lot bigger risks in relating to women and also checking in with how that woman experiences me. “Hey I noticed that something changed whenever I said that, how was that for you?” I’m having a lot more tuned in, real-time interactions. I have no more challenges chasing the wrong woman. Women keep telling me, “Wow! Most guys don’t notice these things. You are really tuned in — you see what’s going on.” It has changed the whole dynamic where we are much more real, connected and truthful, and more creative in our conversations.””Decker has a really unique gift to really feel what’s going on with you and where you close down, where your edges are as a man, and feedback on how to show up more fully in your life and with a woman. It’s really his intuition and ability to be in the flow. He keeps it playful and fun– even though we were doing deep work, people were smiling and laughing a lot. Working with the women of AMP was a huge gift– it deeply moved me, cracked my heart open. It had me really deeply honor women who are willing to be in their feminine– it’s not always safe to be that way in our culture, and I have a profound respect for the women who showed up and brought their feminine to us, to feel that and experience that. I was completely altered after Sunday. “
73 ,ahcjerB yaR
Coach & Entrepreneur
Boulder, CO

“I Don’t Feel Anxiety Like I Did Before AMP”“The most powerful thing I got out of the course was realizing that no matter what happens to me I’m going to be OK. Nothing can really rock me from my foundation. I am going to be fine regardless. I feel that right now my relationship that I have with my Self is the strongest that it has ever been. No only did I realize this with my mind (which was never a problem before) but more importantly I realized this with my body and being. I do not actually feel anxiety like I did before the program. “
43 ,tessaT sivarT
Leadership Coach & Trainer

“I Gained A Wealth of Insight into Myself. Was it Worth It? Oh Hell Yeah!”I did AMP in Dec, 2006. It’s been a month, so I think I can safely write a review from an objective point of view now (ie no post-workshop high).MY PRE-WORKSHOP STATEBasically, I was having decent success with women, but there was a lot of pent-up unhappiness inside me that I didn’t know how to deal with.My main goal going into the workshop was to be able to manage my emotions better by understanding myself better.My second goal was to be able to get over my seduction anxiety with women. One of my problems at that time was that I would get incredibly nervous when I was around a woman that I really really liked when it was time to kiss her, and I’d more than likely pussy out of the kiss.What I didn’t know was that those would turn out to be merely two symptoms of the same root problem.THE WORKSHOPWithout going into details on the exact exercises we did, I will tell you that by the end of the first day at the workshop, I had gone through an emotional roller coaster – rage, fear, sadness, happiness. I was very shaken up by what I went through because of the intensity of the emotions that I went through.Two particular events on Friday & Saturday stand out.#1) During one of the exercises where we were basically allowed free reign to express our unconscious emotions, I felt so furious that I was tempted to actually break someone’s neck.#2) A few months ago, I was seeing a girl C. During that time, I slept with another girl P. Somehow, C felt something was wrong and she asked me if I had slept with P. I denied it, and C dropped it. This was several months ago.After Friday’s exercises, I just felt an immense load of guilt about lying to her. When I got home, I called C and the conversation went something like this: Me: Hey C: Hi! Me: I owe you an apology. C: Huh? What for? Me: I lied to you. Remember when you asked me about P? Well, I lied. I did sleep with her. So uh… I’m calling to tell you I’m sorry I lied to you. I know what you think about people who lie to you, so if you decide to never talk to me again, I totally understand. *silence for one second* C: (sounding very happy) Oh cool!! I’m so glad you told me. She was genuinely happy that I came clean. In fact, she said she even wanted to come over to my place that night.Where we only worked with each other on Friday/Saturday, we would be working with women on Sunday. And the AMP women are probably some of the most intuitive people I have ever met in my life. I had the pleasure of working mostly with Shelly.She had a beautiful presence that lit me up, but at the same time, there was a certain sadness that I felt. In the last exercise of the day, Shelly helped me uncover a lot of repressed emotion that I had been (subconsciously) unwilling to deal with. Her words to me were that the entity who kept me safe from my own emotions had been doing his job for the last 30 years of my life, but I should turn to him, thank him for keeping me safe, but tell him that I would not be needing him in the next part of my life, and to let him go. When I heard that, everything suddenly clicked into place for me, and I started crying.AFTER THE WORKSHOPAfter the workshop, I felt disturbed but yet strangely at peace. It was as if I was on a ship in the middle of a violent storm, but I knew that the ship would not sink, and all I had to do was navigate the storm. It wasn’t a matter of IF the ship would come through. It was merely a question of WHEN.Here’s a sampling of some interactions with women I’ve had since AMP…About a week after the workshop, I had my first “real” interaction with a female stranger. We were at Borders during closing time, and I just said a few words to her on the way out. When we got out, I just asked her to join me for coffee, and we spent the next hour talking. At the end of the conversation, she said that it was the most intensely real conversation that she’d ever had with a person she had just met.A few days after that, I attended my company’s Christmas party with a girl I had met over a year ago. At the end of the evening, she told me that I felt so different to her that it was as if she was going out with a new guy, and there was something new about me that she really liked. In particular, she said that her bullshit meter had been strangely silent the whole night.COMMENTS AND CONCLUSIONSMy biggest takeaway from AMP was being able to accept myself for who and what I am – my strengths, my weaknesses, what I crave, what I like, what I dislike, what I feel and how much I feel it. I’ve been more clear about what I want. I’m more in tune with my desires and feelings. I’m also finding that I’m more in tune with people around me. I find myself more able to feel subtle shifts in emotions, especially if a person is trying to mask his emotions by layering something else on top of it.

Punctuality and order are a big thing during the workshop. Travis, Bryan and all the other AMP facilitators proved to be incredibly insightful and supportive people. All in all, this is probably one of the best led workshops I have ever personally witnessed.

All in all, I had an awesome time, learned a lot, and gained a wealth of insight into myself. Was it worth the time and money? OH HELL YEAH!

53 ,uaL kereD
Social Coach
San Francisco, CA

*** AMP is not just for Single Men…“The best thing that’s come out of AMP for me–my long distance girlfriend, who I’m completely in love with, had been letting me know in various ways that she didn’t feel she could show her full range of emotions around me, and after the course, I realized I hadn’t wanted her to. Awhile back she asked me “Can I freak out around you?” and I gave some offhanded answer like “You can freak out as long as you’re at least 300 miles away.Inspired by my AMP weekend (especially the Storming the Masculine exercise), I told her my retroactive answer is “Go for it.” I let her know I want to see ALL of her. After that, she was able to put herself out to me with a lot of emotion, from her fears and frustrations to intensely loving, caring, and sensual emotions. I responded from a place of strength and appreciation.A few days ago, she told me she’s been able to fully relax and be herself around me for the first time. Now she and I are closer than ever.” “AMP Is Dialed In to What Matters Most””I’ve done a number of other workshops, and in a lot of ways, they had blinders on compared to you guys. You can’t fake this. AMP is dialed in to what matters most.Since taking the course, random women are smiling at me, sometimes before I’ve even said a word–I’m just looking at them from a place of appreciation and strength, and they soften and smile and open up. Interactions with new women (and people in general) are easier, more joyful, and more rewarding. A couple of strained friendships and work relationships have gotten better. People are saying hi, conversations are going on longer, and in more interesting directions, and I’m experiencing more genuine connection.””The AMP course was structured and planned well, with a balance of teachings, experiential exercises, and individual, one-on-one attention. I liked that the first 2 days was all guys, and we could learn, get to know each other, and prep for the third day when the women came in. It was illuminating and intense working with the women, getting real-time feedback on how I’m seen, and getting coaching on how to fully engage. Like the male course leaders, the women are committed to helping you get the most out of the weekend.I’ve done a number of pickup workshops and seminars, and AMP was the best by far: the organization was excellent, the experiential exercises and the feedback and coaching from the women helped me open up and learn at a deep level, the course leaders keyed in to us and addressed our individual concerns – in fact, they wouldn’t let us get away with doing a half-ass job of covering something – I was glad they were so committed to helping me – and most important, they are dialed in to what matters most in learning to have a rewarding social life – they help you remove the blocks that keep you from being naturally good with women. Others teach behaviors that “naturals” have, but these guys teach you how a natural gets to be that way. I think a lot of guys go to workshops that teach outer game behavior and don’t get much out of it, because they don’t understand where the behaviors come from and then they come off weird or fake (and they don’t really enjoy themselves, either). You can’t fake it, you have to live it, and the AMP team focuses on how to do that.”
33 ,issabaC nosaJ
Instructional Designer
Oakland, CA

“I Feel Like a ‘Whole New Man’ with Women”“AMP was both a lot of fun, and extremely valuable. I feel like a ‘whole new man’ when out talking to babes, and I’m definitely having more success on that end than I’ve ever had — but oddly that doesn’t seem like the point. I feel like I’m being differently, which is great, and that the reactions women are having are a delicious but secondary by-product.”
Software Developer
Oakland, CA

“AMP Will Have a Profound Impact On Your Life”AMP is an amazing course! The course leaders are phenomenal. You can truly feel their passion to help you get the most out of the course. AMP to me was about releasing the things we repress inside ourselves which prevent us from the living the great life we deserve. The course is intense and will have a profound impact on your life.
Ash, 34

“AMP Was Profound & Life-Changing”“I found my edge, which is the real reason I took the course. My breakthrough (dropping the damn emotional shield) was profound, and I want to keep working on it. That and the beginnings of working through my edge was profound, and life changing. Illumination, catharsis, transformation. The shit works, and you guys rock.Working with a very diverse group of guys all committed to the same path–to have better lives and relationships–was very impactful. Having knowledgeable and loving male facilitators was powerful and impactful. Working with the women was the kicker. Beautiful, beaming goddesses with x-ray souls and a willingness to take it deep…Hot Damn!”
Paul, Producer
San Francisco, CA

“I’m Free to Approach Women with Confidence — Fear of Rejection No Longer Runs Me”“The AMP weekend course helped me see where I was not giving myself permission to play and gave me a whole new way of relating with women that is fun and exhilarating. Through the course I found freedom to approach women with confidence, be completely unattached to the outcome (even blatant rejection), and create conversations in the moment that bring laughter and connection. After the course, I went dancing and saw a beautiful, blond woman that was 2 inches taller than me. My first thought was, ‘What would she want with a man shorter than herself?’ but I approached her anyway—confident, fearless, and completely OK with whatever happened… I have never felt as confident, graceful, and suave, and we talked for several hours. When it was time to go, I asked her out to dinner without any hesitation and she gave me her phone number. Three dates later, we’re having a blast, and I’m still using what I learned in the course to bring play and connection into our relating.”

Jason, 35
Organizational Development Consultant
San Francisco, CA

*** AMP is not just for Young Men…“I wish I had taken AMP when I was in my thirties! As an older man, I was reluctant to come and take a course from younger men about what it means to be authentic, but you guys had a lot to teach me. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be in the workshop, and I highly recommend it to anyone.””After AMP, I found a new level of trust in myself to be present and in the moment with a woman that that I find attractive physically. Also, people have reflected back to me that I’m showing up much more in my power as a man.To Decker and Bryan– I was moved by the depth of your wisdom given your years. You both were awesome in terms of your insight and seeing into the men in a loving and compassionate but truthful way.”

Paul, 57
Technical Writer
San Mateo, CA

“Was it Worth it? Holy Shit Batman, For Me, It Was Priceless.”“I’ve always appreciated the concept of inner game, but I’d never really gotten how powerful it really is. I initially signed up to try to find out how I can improve my communication skills. Was I blown away when it turned out to be a really incredible experience of self-discovery. I really got my bell rung.Listening to the feedback of others will help you to see yourself the mirror clearly. It will put your past interactions with women into context, and give you a foundation for future ones.Since AMP, I’m able to be more direct and speak my mind, which encourages women to be more open with me as well. One woman who saw me before and after AMP said, “You’re completely changed. I don’t know what it is but you’re acting totally differently– in a good way.The atmosphere is very positive and supportive, but it is challenging. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. And man, the women. What a privilege to meet them. Some of the most giving, insightful (bordering on mind-reading) women, who want nothing more than to help you love [other] women better. I learned more from these women than I ever could from a flock of gorgeous women at a bar.Was it worth it? Holy Shit Batman, for me, it was priceless.”

Multimedia Producer
San Francisco, CA

“I Now Choose the Women I Want to Date”“I’m getting more results in dating since AMP–I now choose the women I want to date, as opposed to being at the whim of that woman’s interest. I feel a lot more freedom and power as a result. Plus, I’m attracting higher quality women!””I read a lot of David DeAngelo, and a lot of other strategies that deal with techniques. I got great results, but I wanted more– something that accesses all parts my being, not just the psychology of attraction. Outer game skills makes it more fun, but doesn’t address the core depths of what I really wanted in relating with women.”How has AMP impacted my life specifically? Oh my god, there’s probably a million experiences. I now regularly meet women who say to me the first time we meet, ‘Wow! Where did you come from? Who are you? I just feel compelled to come up and speak with you–you seem like a really solid great guy and I want to know you.’ That kind of stuff. One woman even said, ‘You’re giving off this…authentic vibe. What’s up with you?’ This has happened on numerous occasions since AMP.Instead of me trying to go out and get attention from women, their attention just follows, which is a clear reversal of the psychology of attraction that I have learned before. Now it’s more of a matter of managing interactions as they arise– there’s no lack of them anymore.Another thing AMP shifted for me is that I see now how incredibly beautiful women are. I’ve completely increased my ability to perceive and appreciate women — Before I had a fear experience but now I’m just profoundly more aware of how incredibly complex and amazing they are, and that’s a great experience.””Decker and Bryan Have a Near-Shaman-Like Ability””Having done a fair amount of personal growth work, I can say that these guys are in the top elite of facilitators of this kind of work. Decker and Bryan have a near-shaman-like ability– they walk the razor’s edge between supporting and challenging like I’ve rarely seen before, and men come out the other side with a whole different worldview of themselves.”

Masters Student

“I Got Way More Than I Bargained For!”“Fucking awesome! No going back for me now! The beauty, honesty, commitment, and the love of the women made my breakthroughs possible…Between Bryan’s commitment to ensuring we had the tools we needed, Decker’s commitment to serving men on a deep level, and the women’s openess, approval, and responsiveness to men being on their edge and willing to move forward, I got way more than I bargained for.”

Mortgage Loan Agent

“The Leaders of AMP Embody What they Teach”“I have taken many many courses and workshops in the past 6 years. The leaders of AMP, and the community that surrounds it, have totally impressed me with the authenticity and embodiment of what they teach– these men and women are living the work, not just talking about it, and living well and successfully too. They practice what they preach, and love the people they serve. Can’t find better men and women, period.”

Patrick, 35
Industrial Artist
Oakland, CA

“I Feel Free!”Since AMP, I feel more grounded, more at ease and confident– more aware of my body and of my heart. Especially my heart. To realize how unconscious I am, of how my heart opens and closes of its own will, is a gift like no other. To have my heart open, when it would otherwise be closed – has me feel connected with myself, conscious and in control. I feel more like me, more love for me, and overall – less fear and anxiety.”Regarding women and relating, I can’t say. Work has all of my attention right now. What I can say is this; I FEEL FREE. Where there once was an ever present desire, a sense of urgency to meet and relate with women, there is now only calm. Because I know when the time comes, I shall go out into the world and find a woman that meets me in every way. And I will have no fear in creating the kind of relationship that works for us. To the leaders of AMP, my deepest gratitude and respect;Bryan, you are a master of insight and omnipresence.Decker, you are a leader and guide of unprecedented skill. Amidst the chaos of energy in a supercharged room, remains present, grounded and solid. This I find to be invaluable with this kind of work. One thing in particular that stands out, is Decker’s unique ability to field heavy questions – while staying connected with every man, the purpose and the process of the course. It is easy to trust in the direction and pace of the ship, with Decker at the helm.”

Casey, 29
President, Life Style Systems
Richmond, CA

“I Feel More Solid Now”“I was interested in authentic feedback on how I was occurring to women, how my gifts were being received, and what if anything might be getting in the way. My intentions were fully realized and I came out of the weekend grounded in a way that was completely surprising to me. There is a notable difference in my Being, a directness and solidness that comes from a deeper place.”

Ken, 52
Event Promoter
San Francisco, CA

“Meeting Women and Creating Attraction Is No Longer an Issue Anymore”“Since AMP, meeting women and creating attraction is no longer an issue anymore. I definitely have much more of a sense of myself — more relaxed and present. I’m more comfortable knowing how to create and enjoy attraction, and have fun doing it.I’m not splitting off from myself anymore because I’m trying to be somebody that I am not. And when I’m just Being, the women really respond to that — the ones I’m attracted to are then attracted to me, without me having to Do anything.I had a frightening moment in the course– I had an emotional breakthrough and it all came pouring out, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest and my heart completely opened up– what I had felt in my body as just a black hole, a bottomless pit wasn’t actually bottomless– it was full of love and joy and presence and spontaneity on the other side. When I went to work the next week on Monday it was amazing — people just started coming into my office, and they didn’t wanna leave. They just wanted to hang out in my presence which was really fun. I was getting cruised by women in the grocery store, and people just wanted to be around me.I was looking for something like this 10 years ago, and I couldn’t find it until now. Getting feedback from women made the real difference for me. It was definitely worth it.”

Alan, 49
Software Analyst

“AMP’s Teachers Help Everyone Through the Smoke and Mirrors”“I’ve studied a lot of other material on inner and outer game before coming to AMP. None of the other material could convey to me the essence of what is attractive between people. This is such a subtle art; I’m amazed that it could be taught. AMP is guided by teachers who have the wisdom to notice what is at the heart of beauty between people, and the compassion to help everyone through the smoke and mirrors.”

Dave, Auditor
San Francisco

“This Stuff Is the Real Deal”“AMP will give you the tools to understand and diagnose your actions (your way of being) not only when relating to women, but also when simply being yourself. Your ability to connect with and understand yourself is critical if you want to see, understand and change how you relate to life, the universe, and others (yup, including women).In a world full of ‘pickup classes’ promising the world, this stuff is the real deal and will actually help you to understand and change your way of ‘Being.’ Take AMP, you will not be disappointed!”

Product Manager
San Jose, Ca

The AMP intensive that I attended was the best-run, most “on,” most focused, most powerful, most effective, and most potentially life-changing workshop I’ve ever been to, by far.From the very start, we were encouraged not only to demand the most of ourselves, but to demand the most of our facilitators, and those participants that demanded the most got the most.It was more than worth the money and if anyone’s on the fence and can kind of afford it or even almost afford it, and really, really, REALLY WANTS to do it, I’d push them to do it. You more often regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did. Remember that a smart investment in yourself keeps growing, if you keep growing.There was a lot of individual focus and they employed a kickass arsenal of psychological techniques to address every central issue and many of the peripheral issues of each, very different participant. Everyone at the workshop I attended came out thrilled at what they’d discovered about themselves, and about their possibilities for the future, each guy for different reasons.For me, this ranged from powerful and compassionate core emotional work, to extremely subtle feedback on communication that pushed me through blockages that had been holding me back for most of my life. I consider myself very psychologically savvy and self-aware, but I’ve never before had so many intense breakthrough opportunities thrown at me in the space of so little time, alongside so much sincere, intense personal encouragement wedded with challenge. As a result, it’s hard to even summarize all the things I discovered and all the major and minor realizations I was afforded about how I show up in the world and in relationships, and all the useful information I came away with that will continue to help me improve in these areas.AMP does not promise to solve all your relationship issues or problems in one shot, but if you’re ready for it, I believe it’s uniquely qualified to give you a solid, supported new start in those areas where you are floundering and frustrated.In addition to a revived dating life, I’ve noticed improvements in many other areas of my life. My friendships are suddenly better, clearer, more fulfilling. I now get along with other guys in a way I never imagined possible. And my ability to make money by delivering my own product, which has a large human-relations element, has suddenly improved.Course leaders Decker Cunov and Brian Bayer, the skilled assistant coaches, and all the guys working in the background, were pushing themselves constantly, to give everything they had every single minute of the workshop to try and open and help us relate in amazing ways with women. Everyone there totally believed in the value of what they were doing and were dedicated to seeing it happen. Even if they were scratching their heads over how to handle something, or getting frustrated, pissed at each other or at us, whatever (which was hard for me to tell but I’m just guessing, as I imagine must happen time to time in running such a tight ship with a fair amount of improvisation based on what came up for each guy) they never stopped bringing it to us for a single moment with intense professionalism and dedication and HEART. The same can be said of the women that came in on the third day. Not only were they beautiful, but they were smart, wise, fun, sincere, and willing to take some pretty big risks so they could serve us in the best ways possible.I’m still amazed by what happened there, and I’m still experiencing the benefits, and I’m still learning from the brilliantly thought-out and brilliantly applied principles of relationship that these people have put their hearts into creating and making available.

J. K., 44
New York

I am the guy who woke up in his forties and wondering how the fuck he got where he was. I had done everything I “should” in life and yet was not at all happy. AMP connected me to my passion, helped me see my gifts more clearly. After two days of AMP, I connected with parts of myself that two years of therapy and meditation didn’t get me too. This is because the program rocks. The facilitators, men and women, are truly dedicated and passionate about serving the men brave enough to take the challenge. The weekend kicked my ass. That is a good thing. My life hasn’t been the same since and I am extremely grateful for that.

Mike Glees, 41
Foreign Service Officer
Abuja, Nigeria

AMP is a course for people that want to live richly, for people that want to really experience the alchemy that can happen between a man and a woman. Where other dating advice focuses on one size fits all rules or routines, AMP focuses on the generative core of people’s interactions, plugging you straight into your visceral, innate senses of what’s good. I came to the AMP weekend as guy who had studied a lot of pickup material, done a lot of self-learning, but still had a deep sense of struggle and frustration in relating to women. I left AMP with a feeling of wholeness and possibility – that there was nothing I needed to “fix” any more with myself or women, that I could really enjoy myself and others for exactly who they are, nothing more or less. It is, furthermore, SO REFRESHING to learn from the AMP training with women as facilitators; absent is the sense of shame about learning some “dark ninja pickup” skills to be sprung on an unwitting sweetie pie. The AMP women are tremendously perceptive and insightful, and are able to balance care and challenge in loving service of your greater self. Their deep commitment to this work and their obvious delight in men was just wonderful and inspiring to experience. I could go on and on, but I won’t. If you’re considering AMP; if your relationships seem to be on pause or replay; if you want richer experiences – get into AMP man, and strap in for quite a ride.