How to Bring Power and Depth to Your Words

One of the places guys are constantly losing their power with women is by saying things that they really don’t truly mean.

You’re on the phone with the a customer service agent, completing a conversation:

“Ok, thanks. Seeya later…”

No, you won’t. She’s in some call center in Wichita.

Or you tell an acquaintance: “Let’s hang out sometime!”

Hold on… Why’d you say that? You know you have no intention of following up!

Or you tell a girl, “I really like your dress,” even though you really couldn’t care less.

Even though these may seem like socially appropriate things to say, people, especially women, can FEEL if a man really means what he is saying.

Here’s a snippet of dialogue from a guy who’s talkin’ outta his ass. Let’s listen in:

Ass Talker-Outer: So, where are you from?

Girl: The east coast
Ass Talker-Outer: <no eye contact> Cool, cool.
<awkward silence>
Ass Talker-Outer: So, uh, you like it here?
Girl: yeah, it’s really nice.

Ass Talker-Outer: Yeah, it’s cool…

REALLY? What’s so cool about that? Or, are you just saying that, because you aren’t sure what else to say? Were you even actually interested in the question you asked in the first place? If not, it’s bound to be a flat, limp interaction.

Mean What You Say

When you DO, there’s Power behind your words, and everyone can feel it. How does this impact your connecting with, approaching, and interacting with women?

When you talk outta your ass:

Nothing you say has any real weight to it.

When you say what you mean:

Everything you say carries a depth and a power to it.

Given a choice, which one would you prefer?

Women are impacted by what you say at a deeper level than you think. When a guy seems to be talking out of his ass without being connected to what he is actually saying, women sense that it’s an example of how he conducts himself in other areas of his life, especially in his relationships.

But talking out of your ass is a symptom of a far greater problem: lack of Presence.

See, if you’re Present, then you’ll be more connected to what you DO care about…you won’t be nervously searching for the next thing to say… or trying to think of the “right” line that you don’t really mean.

If you’re not Present, you’re going to have FLAT INTERACTIONS that don’t have that POP or SIZZLE that comes from genuine engagement with another person.

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