A Quick Tip for Activating Carnal Desire…

I used to have a hard time finding women who wanted to be more than friends with me. I had female “friends” coming out my ears – and I was getting frustrated.

Having attraction with women is no longer a struggle for me, and there’s one thing in particular I learned that made a real difference. I’m gonna lay it on you now…

First of all, remember that women are like tuning forks and they instantly pick up on what you are “resonating.” Therefore, one of the most powerful ways to deepen your resonance (presence) is to:

Retrain Your Breathing.

I used to be what I call a “chest-breather.” By that, I mean that my inhalations went no lower than my chest – my ribcage.

A lot of guys who struggle with creating sexual attraction with women are also “chest-breathers.”

How about you?

As you’re sitting here now, reading this, how deep is your breathing? How far down into your body does your breath expand?

Try This Exercise:

RIGHT NOW, put a hand on your lower stomach, and draw air all the way down past your ribs, and allow it to expand your diaphragm and your belly. Your breath should literally PUSH THE HAND on your belly UP with each inhale. Actually try this, and see what you notice.

Once you have that down (and for some guys, it takes a while to figure out which muscles control this ability), practice breathing even lower, into your genitals, as if you could breath right into your BALLS.

practice breathing even lower, into your genitals, as if you could breath right into your BALLS.

This may be a challenge for you, because you’re not accustomed to that particular awareness.

You may even experience emotions, or sometimes feelings of shame, as you start feeling into these areas of your body.

That’s a good thing–it means you’re going outside of your comfort zone and accessing stuck emotions.

Women Can Feel the Difference

In our AMP Intensive weekend courses, we bring in super-aware, brilliantly articulate women who offer moment-to-moment feedback about what they’re feeling in their bodies as the men in the course interact with them.

And when chest-breathers start belly-breathing, women who weren’t attracted to them at all suddenly feel excited by the man’s new sense of power.

And when guys breathe all the way into their balls, the women’s responses are even more distinct – they often report getting turned on, simply by being around guys as they breathe more deeply.

Practice It To Make It a Habit

I had to retrain myself from being a chest-breather to being a balls & belly-breather… and it made a huge difference in feeling grounded, centered and powerful with women (especially the ones that I’m most attracted to).

Practice this even when you’re NOT around women – in the car, walking down the street, while eating, in bed at night and in the morning — until it becomes second nature to you when you ARE with a woman…

After a couple of weeks, you should find that you’re breathing into your belly without thinking about it.

Now, if you’re like me, then you may find that when you’re with a woman you’re seriously attracted to, your breathing reverts back to the old way. If this is the case for you as well, just notice this, and practice breathing fully and deeply, into your belly and your balls.

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