Let’s face it. It’s though to simply keep our shit together sometimes.

Schedules, task managers, virtual assistants…every killer app is designed to handle the dirty work so we can get about the important work of just enjoying our lives.

Yet, when you ask almost any professional how they are doing these days, they’ll seem busy to the point of overwhelm.

This while the average worker is exponentially more productive than ever before.

What gives!!?

AriMeiselThere are better ways to use our technology to support good living, and Ari Meisel has cracked the code.

Ari can help simplify your life, no matter what it is that you do.

He’s expert at using technology and methodology to optimize aspects of our lives that we’d otherwise get bogged down in.

In his prolific podcast, he interviews some of the best minds from all over the world to help us get our lives more streamlined.

His book, Less Doing, More Living is a great, step-by-step intro into to the world of life-automation and simplification.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the episode
[00:44] Ari’s Story
[2:36] Becoming Productivity ‘Machines
[4:29] Supporting your ‘unique ability’
[5:43] Taking Kids to Ikea


[7:08] All the cool kids are busy?
[8:00] Finding your ‘peak time’
[9:30] Self-imposed obstacles


[10:52] Optimize before automating
[13:22] Your ‘External Brain’
[14:52] Getting it out vs Getting it Perfect


[16:29] Places to Optimize
[18:08] Micro-goals
[20:28] The 5 Things to do every day
[23:21] The Importance of Therapy
[29:20] The Cause of your Overwhelm/Anxiety


[30:54} The Importance of getting your hormones tested
Resources mentioned:
The Daily Meditation Podcast with Mary Meckley
Brain Training App: Peek
Therapy App: Talkspace