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We enjoyed the guest post from author Keith Martin Smith so much we invited him on the podcast to talk us through it.

Keith is a published author, 20 year Kung Fu master, Zen Priest…and managed to have a life on the side.

How does one achieve as much and consistently rise to the occasion and create lasting, long range success?

It starts with goal setting.

Listen as KMS walks us though his simple but profound method for setting crystal-clear goals, clearing away the inner resistance, and making lasting change.


On Tuesday, June 30th Keith is hosting a free webinar where he’ll walk us through this entire process, including a more detailed way to get around your competing commitments.

More info on that can be found here.


Much of this is based on Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s book, “Immunity to Change”, and the system they’ve developed to help people and organizations overcome resistance to change and meeting goals. I use their work when helping my clients.

About Keith Martin-Smith
Keith is an award-winning author of three books, a Shaolin Kung Fu lineage holder and recognized master, and an ordained Zen priest. He works as a coach helping his clients define, pursue, and meet life and business goals. More at:

Highlights from the Episode!