Why “Sharking” For Girls Will Always Leave You Hungry

I want to tell you about a “dark” period of my life….

My “sharking” days.

Do you remember me? At the bars… the clubs… parties… at the festivals…

Gliding through the crowd, scanning, scanning.

No eye contact with the other guys, just a critical, objectifying, cold eyed gaze, looking for…

Women. “Hot” women, to be exact.

My eyes would rest on one woman after the other, before dismissing her and moving on to the next. What about her? Nah, her hair looks kind of stringy. Next…

Hmm, now THIS girl is cute… eh… a bit too old for me. Next….

Yeah, I used to be “that guy.”

Other men weren’t really fellow human beings to me – they were “obstacles,” “competition” or “cockblocks.”

That’s what I mean by “sharking.” And those were some dark days, because on the inside, I was trying to fill a “hole” inside, and I was suffering.

And if you’ve ever experienced this – the feeling of desperately looking to find the women you can “get”… then you know how much it sucks to be “sharking” – whether you admit it to yourself or not…

It wasn’t until Decker and I were working on what would eventually be the AMP Holarchy, our Inner Game Training Model, that I suddenly had a realization that changed my life… and may end up changing yours, too.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

You will *never* be fulfilled by something OUTSIDE of yourself.

I’ll say it again.

You will *NEVER* be fulfilled by something OUTSIDE of yourself.

In other words, until you can truly enjoy exactly what’s going on, INDEPENDENT of external circumstances, then your fulfillment is EXTERNALLY DEFINED.

until you can truly enjoy exactly what’s going on, INDEPENDENT of external circumstances, then your fulfillment is EXTERNALLY DEFINED.

When I got this, it became clear that my “sharking” days were over.

I mean, who cares how many “hot women” I “get” if I still felt empty on the inside?

And so I stopped looking outside myself for satisfaction, and focused on CREATING fulfillment through my day-to-day enjoyment of WHATEVER was happening – independent of the external circumstances… and it made a HUGE difference in my happiness, and my success with women.

The Breakthrough I Got

The second stage of our Inner Game Training Model is what did it for me. We call this “Appreciation.” By “Appreciation”, we mean embracing, accepting, and being a “yes” to whatever it is we’re experiencing.

The AMP Holarchy.

Yes… even if it’s sadness, anger, joy, fear, doubt, excitement, turn on or frustration.

Without full and complete Appreciation for where you are at
and who you are with,
in every given moment,
to some degree,

When I AM fully Appreciating and embracing whatever’s happening in any given moment, it doesn’t matter WHAT my life circumstances are, or how ANY woman relates to me.

And guess what?

The more I put my attention on celebrating the women AND the men around me, the women who see me having fun, celebrating them and everyone else, become attracted and intrigued, and actually seek Me out…


Next time you’re at a party or social event, stop seeking out the hotties, and focus on enjoying EVERYONE you meet – the guys, the old ladies, babies… Seriously, EVERYONE you meet. Make it a game to find out what you can celebrate, enjoy and appreciate about each person you come into contact with.

And from this place, notice what kind of a difference it makes in the quality of your interactions, and of your evening. As you cultivate this ability, you’ll find yourself ATTRACTING the hotties, rather than trying to go “GET” them.

Finally, whether you’re a shark, an ex-shark or a never-shark, you should DEFINITELY check out what made the BIGGEST difference for me – the “AMP Holarchy”.

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