20130604_IanBlei_PICIan Blei is an executive coach and master of human behavior. I personally worked with Ian for 6 months and in that time he helped me become aware of so much of the way I show up in leadership.

This awareness is the first step in making improvements and ultimately making greater impact.

In this podcast, Ian and I talk casually about impact, integrity and how our brain can work for us…or against us.

Ian shares very simple, and very practical techniques, and even works with me directly and a “hypothetical” video game addiction 😉

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[1:30] Pebbles make the ripple – not the other way around
[2:17] The First Key to Leadership
[3:54] Integrity is Congruence

[5:36] Unpacking the Layers Of Your Addictions
[9:07] Dopamine Addiction
[10:28] Catch 22 of Willpower

[17:35] Neuroscientist’s perspective of Mindfulness
[35:00] No Power Like Integrity
[44:28] Gratitude Triggering