deckerDecker Cunov founded AMP with Bryan Bayer over 8 years ago.

In the last couple years, he stepped away from AMP and turned his relational mastery skills to the business world, helping silicon valley leverage the power of authentic relating to accelerate business, deal-making, and inter-office conflict.

After all, business IS relating and relationships.

In this episode I catch up with Decker and hear how his genius in relating translates to the business world…plus we get personal on how life has been for him.

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  • The Fundamentals Always Work [3:20]
  • Thoroughbreds with Blinders On. [4:53]
  • Don’t be the ‘Therapist’ guy: Letting ‘Depth’ Arise on its Own [10:38]
  • Authentic Military Platoons [12:08]
  • Connoisseur of Relating [25:12]

[Just for fun, check out the documentary SOMM. You’ll get some insight into how difficult become a master ‘sommelier’ (person who is kickass at tasting wines) really is]

Episode Highlights