Guys, what the fuck? This is the impact of running shitty outer game techniques on a woman with a healthy personality.

Train wreck.

This is a classic case of what we call, “posturing.” This guy, for whatever reason, thought that “playing it cool” and aloof was the thing to do to get a woman to like you.

He obviously cared, and wanted more with Amy, or he wouldn’t have hung around and persisted with her.

The impact on her was so repulsive, she actually lost all shared humanity with the guy and even takes it to the wider realm of “how guys are” and “women can’t accept this.”

I’d challenge her on this point…can she hold her boundary while remembering his humanity, no matter how douchey he may be acting?   That’s not her job in this case, but he might have learned something had she been able to stay centered with him.

This is what the AMP Women do in our intensives…no matter what shows up.

The truth is, somewhere down in there, this dude was scared or insecure.  He wanted to stay in control with this woman and have her chasing him.  I imagine he’s lonely and really wants love…kinda like all humans.

In any case, his strategy failed to get him what he wanted and really made a painful impact on Amy.

Had he cut the bullshit and just enjoyed the moment with Amy, who knows where it would have gone, but I doubt he would now be immortalized as the Tinder Horror Story.

Let’s not be this guy.

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