EP 04 | The art of self awareness. Finding the source of suffering – David Bollt

artist-photo-e1374262780379David Bollt is a renowned artist, tattoo artist and entrepreneur who achieved a great deal of notoriety for his work, landing him in the center of attention and in the company of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Yet something wasn’t quite right.

Listen as Bollt vulnerably reveals how he was suffering, when most of the world would agree he had everything going for him and how his journey of self-discovery (and an AMP Intensive) opened up whole new possibilities in his life.




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9 Responses to “EP 04 | The art of self awareness. Finding the source of suffering – David Bollt”

  1. I felt like a spy listening in to this podcast because I thought it was just for men, and yet I am so glad I did. It has reminded me to understand and be aware of and respond to, the deeper layers operating in a man (in this case: my brothers). I can take this learning into my broader world: thank you so much.

    (Also: the phrase about being scared not of our smallness, but of our greatness comes from Nelson Mandella’s first speech to his nation.)

  2. Can you make the audio available for download? Can hear it while on the pc… Thanks

  3. The quote is from Marianne Williamson. Mandela made it super famous.

    Now ya know 😉

    And David, many of us never saw your ‘rock star’ persona…we simply saw a brilliant man with an incredible heart that couldn’t see it in himself.

  4. Awesome stuff Casey & David. So glad to have just gone through AMP and part of the community now. This interview paints exactly why every man should go through AMP.

  5. Wow! This conversation had me in tears more than once. This is groundbreaking work that truly matters so much. Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. It is an affirmation of my humanity as well.

  6. You’ve certainly opened up the hearts of all those you’ve connected with. From this open space, compassion is born. Thank you.

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