Herpes carries a massive stigma.

Despite the relatively mild side effects, for most of America herpes is the equivalent of the “scarlet letter”…and the death knell for the sex life, right?


Adrial works with hundreds of HSV positive men and women, helping them to integrate their new situation, get really real about how to live with it, and overcome the psychological and social challenges that often accompany this common virus.

This talk was enlightening for me in coming to greater understanding and humility around this condition and the journey people afflicted with HSV have to go through.

Adrial gives us the frank, open and honest insight on HSV and his work is hugely beneficial to all who feel like they are carrying a stigma from a positive HSV diagnosis.

Adrial Dale is an AMP facilitator and founder of The Herpes Opportunity. He specializes in helping people move through shame (around herpes or anything else) into a full embrace of their lives. In his own life and from working with hundreds of people, he has seen how shame can cripple connection and intimacy. In his work with the herpes community and in the broader application of relational practices, Adrial supports people in realizing that when they clear shame, they not only have more love and acceptance for themselves, they have more love and acceptance for others. He is committed to helping people transcend whatever limitations they may imagine are holding them back from living rich fulfilling lives.

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