Total Integrity | Massive Clarity

A 7-Week Program to clean up your entire life
and put you on the launch pad for greatness.

With Decker Cunov Leading

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Step Into A Consciously Chosen Life
And Watch Your Success With Women Finally Land
Where It Always Belonged – As Icing On The Cake
of an Already-Amazing Life

From Bryan:

Here at AMP we’re becoming more and more unapologetic about not simply focusing just on man/woman dynamics. In my experience, and with the hundreds of guys I’ve worked with, the most consistent fulfillment we have with women is determined At Least as much by living and leading an already inspired life!

I mean, when I look at when I began to truly experience abundance with women – it was when I was ON FIRE about creating AMP, and women were beautiful additions in my life to this Program that I was so stoked about creating.

During that time, some of the most amazing, radiant women I have ever met were coming OUT OF THE WOODWORK, wanting to spend time with me.


Because they could FEEL that I was INSPIRED BY MY LIFE, consciously creating it — and I was so turned on by the life I was designing, that THEY wanted to be a part of it!

So, what I discovered is that the real KEY to success with women is a life that YOU CHOOSE and that YOU ARE INSPIRED BY. Women are icing on the cake.


For most of my life, I was just “going through the motions” and accepting whatever my life circumstances happened to dump into my lap.

I KNEW that I had untapped potential, but there was always stuff that just seemed to get in the way – information overload, and the day-to-day B.S. and obligations that clutter our lives and hamper our creativity and genius.

I was leaking mental, physical and emotional energy and vitality all over the place, and I knew that if I could just harness and channel that energy, I could access more of my potential.

Plus, when I was feeling energized, my interactions with women were Night and Day.

So, together with several other men I knew here in SF, I went through a version of “The List” – an intensive “clearing the decks” process,
in which I:

  • Cleaned and organized my entire living environment, car, workspace, home — ceiling to baseboards, pantry, closet (donated old clothes), junk drawers, storage areas….EVERYTHING
  • Returned anything that I ever borrowed from anyone, got back anything ever borrowed from me
  • Completed all procrastinated projects
  • Established and stuck to a regular exercise & nutrition regimen
  • Got my “financial house” in order – clarity on how much I spend each month and a plan for the future
  • Eliminated time-wasting and “check-out” activities, sealed the leaks on mental, physical and emotional energy
  • Completed undelivered communications and cleaned up “out-of-integrities” that had been weighing on me for YEARS
  • Etc…

It was huge for me, and for all the guys who did it.


And guess what? With all that freed-up attention, energy and new inspiration….we started CREATING.

The other guys who went through this process went on to write books, start non-profits, and in my case, I created the very first Authentic Man Program course.

But if it weren’t for that initial “Clearing the Decks” I wouldn’t have had sealed the leaks and freed up the mental, emotional and creative BANDWIDTH to come up with such a thing.

But with that space cleared, it provided a FOUNDATION to build from – and it didn’t require any special effort on my part. It flowed out of me NATURALLY because I had open bandwidth!

And with the success I began to feel in my life, my “success” with women grew alongside it!


Now it’s your turn…

Here’s what you can expect from this program:

  • Your living environment will get a spring-cleaning like never before. Clothes you never wear, contacts you never call, files you never use, windows you never clean…will all get handled. Whether you hire cleaners or use your own elbow grease on this part, your home will be Tight by the end of this program. Did you CHOOSE that grime in your fridge, the clutter in your storage areas, the junk in your desk drawers?

Note: This will serve you in CRAZY WAYS: After I completed this portion of the program, I emotionally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders…and my income jumped by 30% the following month! And this kind of result is not uncommon based on the reports of other men who’ve gone through this program.

  • Get your financial life straightened out — Eliminate that nagging feeling that comes from not facing your financial realities. If you’ve had your head buried in the sand around your credit card debt, or been avoiding that friend you owe money, or simply unclear about how much money you spend each month, in this program you’ll make a plan to finally get this handled.
  • Clean up any areas where you’ve been “out of integrity” – Who in your life would you feel squeamish or nervous about happening to randomly run into – ex-girlfriends, landlords, employers, employees, family, friend from school, because you’d been less than honest, forthright or integrous? Here’s an opportunity to “make right” those events from the past that have been gnawing at you. This is one of the most challenging –and rewarding– aspects of the program, and I’ll guide you through the process!
  • Develop a consciously CHOSEN social circle of friends – is your current circle of friends TRULY uplifting you, inspiring your best? Or are they just people you hang out indiscriminately with because “it’s convenient” – even if their values are out of alignment with yours? By the end of this program, you’ll be on track to surrounding yourself with people where there’s mutual respect, support, and authenticity. And, of course, if you don’t have many friends, this is the golden opportunity to CREATE a circle of consciously chosen ones — you’ll be challenged to take action to push your comfort zone in being more social, making introductions, and even throwing a social event.
  • Consciously CHOOSE the woman/women in your life. Are the women in your life the ones you’ve CHOSEN, or just settling for? Either way, this program will have you being INTENTIONAL about your intimate and sexual relationships.
  • Achieve new levels of physical well-being. By the end of this program, you’ll have been engaged in a serious regimen of nutrition and exercise, again, consciously CHOSEN as opposed to whatever’s convenient to eat (eg. Fast food)… You’ll feel great, look better, and, most importantly, have grooved the habits in place to keep you there.
  • Discover and eliminate the physical, emotional, mental and financial leaks that occupy your attention and prevent you from being “on fire” in your life! By bringing AWARENESS to these distractions, you’re going to be able to tackle these, one by one, and eliminate them, so you can put this freed-up attention on pursuing and enjoying a purpose-driven life! This includes limiting (or even eliminating) time-consuming, unrewarding activities (alcohol, pot, sugar, facebook addiction, masturbation, porn, youtube, Twitter, reality TV, etc…)
  • All procrastinated projects will be completed, actively in progress, or removed from your “incomplete” list by the end of this program. You will be blown away at how much energy and “emotional bandwidth” this will free up for you. You’ll take them on, one by one, and NAIL them, bring them under control, or write them off the list, freeing you from the weight of continual procrastination, forever. Most guys experience a SURGE of energy and vitality after completing this step in the program.
  • You won’t be doing this alone. We’ll be using the Partner system to help you stay accountable and on-track throughout the program with weekly, if not daily, check-ins. Learning to support another man in this way is also going to strengthen your resolve in your OWN program.
  • You’ll be getting “men’s circle” training along the way. We’re building into this program training modules that are directly relevant to any man who has ever wanted to start or join a Men’s Circle, and this will prepare you to be an active leader in any Men’s group you choose to join hereafter.
  • Experience first-hand the power of an intentional community. When meditating, I’m capable of going MUCH Deeper when I’m sitting with 100 other people in a meditation intensive than I can on my own…and you’ll go much further than on your own with this critical mass of other men focused on the same thing.
  • Unleash your greatness – If you’ve ever felt like you’re “holding back” from really living your life purpose, this program is going to “clear the decks” so you have organized time and space to really unleash your deepest gifts in the world.
  • Be of Service — a part of this program will have you volunteering your time for a worthy cause– taking your attention off of ourselves and being of service in the world is one of the most powerful ways we know to bring more joy, fulfillment, and Wholeness into my OWN life. This is contagious, and has been a saving grace in some of my more challenging times. You’ll experience the same benefits!

M.S., 37San Francisco, CA

“The List Has Freed A Huge Amount Of Energy”

I cleaned up my environments — two offices at school, and my entire home (meaning, total renovation). It has freed a huge amount of energy.

There has been a huge relative transformation of energies and openings. Huge.

Decker Leading

Decker has a whole new set of distinctions he has been dying to share about The List and the importance of clarity and integrity in getting the most out of life. If you have worked with Decker before, you know that his laser-focused insights will make a huge difference in what you take away from this program.


The big challenge with weekend courses or DVD programs, we’ve found, is that people get huge breakthroughs and insights, but there’s no follow-up to INTEGRATE those realizations and insights into their lives, and put them into practice.

With this program, it’s ALL ABOUT INTEGRATION. Not just ideas, concepts or insights, but actual rubber-hits-the-road transformation that’s obviously apparent in your life, that you can sink your teeth into. More powerful than a weekend course or a DVD program, since you’re DIRECTLY APPLYING these realizations TO YOUR LIFE!


With the economy the way it is, you need be able to have ALL YOUR RESOURCES and CREATIVITY to bear… and right now,

  • they’re trapped at the bottom of your desk drawer, under all that junk
  • they’re hidden in your closet, behind all those clothes you don’t wear anymore
  • your best networking connections are blocked by phone calls unreturned and things left unsaid.
  • your best ideas are buried under unfinished, procrastinated projects, and day-to-day distractions and obligations that clutter your mind, drain your energy and hamper your creativity. …

And NOW is a time when you could powerfully use your personal connections and creative resources the MOST!

And here’s the deeper cut. I firmly believe that so many of the challenges in this unstable economy actually STEM from a LACK OF INTEGRITY. And not just the Bernie Madoffs of the world, the ones who knowingly defrauded millions of investors, but even more insidious are those TINY little out-of-integrities, that, taken alone, aren’t so bad, but as they add up, these little cracks in the foundation make the economic and political structures we’ve created UNSUSTAINABLE.


This is the part of the marketing where I’m supposed to give you some rhetorical BS that falsely qualifies you, like, “If you actually prefer your life as a mess, then this program isn’t for you.”

But this program seriously isn’t for everyone.

If you fully take this program on, it will Kick Your Ass.

I GUARANTEE that this program will stretch you, challenge your limits, and shine the lights on all the areas of your life where you try to “just get by”, where you are “slippery”, and where you hold back.

If you’re feeling a bit scared or confronted at reading everything that’s involved here…


That means you’re feeling your growth edge, and already facing the places that are holding you back.

I’ve always had a desire to go to the U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp – not to learn to become a “killing machine”, but just to see what I was made of. Something intense, that would push my edges, toughen me up, and have me feeling more…ALIVE.

When was the last time you were REALLY challenged, tested, and discovered what you were truly made of? I think we all have a little bit of that in us – that question, “What AM I really capable of?”‘

What you can discover about yourself through the intensity of this program is that you are more powerful than you may have thought. And unlocking access to this power will serve you well in the uncertain times we face today.

That said, DO NOT Sign up unless you’re willing to really GO FOR IT. Your commitment level doesn’t affect just YOU, because…

Did You Already Do “The List” Program Last Year? In April of ’09 Decker and I ran the first “pilot” List Program…We had never led an Integrity program like this before – and there certainly were glitches — so we learned a lot of lessons about what worked and didn’t work, and got lots of feedback from the participants, and we’re applying that to this round. Here’s what’s different:

  • Less Technology glitches and breakdowns — the beta-version software we were using is fixed & much more robust now :)
  • The List in Google Docs Form –– now you can share, review and update your list with your Integrity partner in real-time
  • A “Spirituality’ area — lots of guys noticed this part was missing from the List, so we’ve included this as an area as well.
  • Decker Leading – Decker has some new and powerful distinctions to share with us this time around that will help you get more and lasting results from this program.
  • The “Foxhole”-level Integrity partner – if HE doesn’t complete, YOU don’t complete.
    For more info on this, see the Integrity Video

NOTE: If you did the List in previous years, this is the ideal opportunity to do it again, now! You now know what’s involved, and will be able to take things exponentially DEEPER this time, exploring the places you didn’t fully address in the first round.


You’re going to be paired up with another man, who’s got your back and is as fiercely committed to your success as you are to his. You’ll be checking in on the calls and supporting each other and holding each other accountable throughout the program. Your commitment is going to affect HIS level of commitment, which is a GOOD thing, because it will further motivate and inspire you to bring your best!

83 ,F lliBScottsdale, AZ

“I Took Care of the Details of My Life While Forging Deep Connections”

The List Program was extremely rewarding. The greatest benefit I received was the combination of “taking care of the details” while also forming deep connections with other men who are on the same journey as me. The AMP course was like a brotherhood of getting shit accomplished in my life. Thanks!

There are a couple of things you might be thinking now. One may be…


First off, because this program is going to be using cutting-edge interactive webinar software, there’s only 250 slots available. And with about 46,000 men this invitation is going out to, only 1.8% of men are going to make it in.

If there was no limit, I would be less concerned with guys signing up and just checking it out. But I don’t want to see people wasting a spot that could be filled by someone who would have used it to do something powerful in their life.

If you can get one of the spots, understand that….


Here’s how:

Support #1: Your Integrity Partner. He’s your first line of support, and it’s critical that you are in touch throughout the program.

Support #2: Weekly Check-in Training Calls – These will empower you with tools and insights each week to support you

42 ,werdnA

South Carolina

“AMP Delivers Yet Again”

AMP delivers yet again. The 7 week program helped me to clarify what is important to me, what isn’t, where I’m blocked from accomplishing my goals, and what to do about it. These guys know how to inspire people.


We’ll be using a revolutionary interactive web-conferencing software, where we’ll be putting you into small groups and pairing you up with your Partner – so that instead of a boring conference call, this will be dynamic, engaging and interactive.


We’ll send you…”The List”. This is a form you’ll use to track your progress throughout the program.

The List has been shaped by dozens of hands, evolving through dozens of iterations and hundreds of updates over the last decade. It will be your “Golden Compass” to navigate throughout the following 7 weeks.

Ok, here are the logistics:

Kickoff Webinar – Begins September 10th 2013

Weekly calls: Every Tuesday, 6pm-7pm MST

In the first one we’ll coach you all through personalizing your form, enter in your commitments around diet and exercise, identify your personal goals, procrastinated projects, undelivered communications and answer your questions.

The webinars take place at 6pm MST, and each week will have a theme, where you’ll be exploring what an inspired life would look like for that particular arena.

If you can’t make it to the live webinar, no problem—we’ll be recording these sessions, and post them in case you miss em…


  • The “Spreadsheet” – ($200 Value)
  • 7 Check-in Training Calls ($329 value – $47 each)
  • 7 Weeks of Personal Coaching From Decker and AMP facilitators ($2400 value)

Plus, Bonuses:

  • How to have a “clearing conversation” with someone
  • How to “call someone out”
  • How to “make amends”
  • How to acknowledge someone (NOT just compliment them)

Total Value: $2929 Value


Imagine for a moment…Fast forward 9 weeks from now…and imagine, now…that it’s mid-December… and your life is VERY different from what it was just 9 weeks prior.

For example:

  • Your desk space clean and clear, and all desk drawers organized – EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE
  • All the stuff that’s cluttering up the corners of your MIND – procrastinated projects, past broken promises, undelivered communications? HANDLED.
  • All the stuff that’s cluttering up the corners in your house? GONE.
  • All your finances – PLANS IN PLACE
  • Your closet has only the clothes you Actually Wear in it – CHECK

What would it be worth to you if all of this was handled?

How valuable IS your freed-up attention?

Normally this program in-person costs between $700 and $1200, depending on who’s running it.

However, since this is the first time we’re doing it online,
and with the economy where it is, we’re making this a no-brainer affordable rate.

You’re going to get the entire package, with all the bonuses, for just
$375, or 3 payments of $125.

The First 100 Guys get $100 off

We want to reward the guys who are ready to commit to living a greater life, so the first 100 to sign up get The List at a discounted rate.

I expect this enrollment to go fast, so if you are considering doing The List, step up to the plate soon.

$275 or 3 payments of $100.

Enrollment is Closed(look for the next List in Q2 2014)

“This Program Sounds Awesome, But I’m Too Busy Right Now”

I totally get it – the last thing you need on your plate is a list of more things to do.

Consider this: When was the last time you weren’t busy?

You may have to think back a long, long time.

It’s likely that you’re ALWAYS going to be busy, with 1 thing or another. It’s unlikely that there’s gonna be a “less busy” time for you, unless your work is seasonal, than RIGHT NOW.

And I’m not going to B.S. you – this WILL take some investment of time.

The Most Scarce Resource Isn’t Money or Time – It’s ATTENTION

Check it out– most of us spend, on average, 8+ hours a day devoted to work.

How much of that is actually productive? Probably half, if we’re lucky. Why? Because our ATTENTION is getting pulled by things, distractions occupy us, unfinished business or obligations push their way in…most of them not even necessary for the day-to-day functioning of our lives.

Bottom line: This program is going to CREATE SPACE, TIME AND ATTENTION for you. When you rectify your life, you’ll be astonished at how much energy is freed up. When you really take this on, you’re going to have MORE Energy, space, time and attention, not less, GUARANTEED.


If you fully take this program on, and you’re not feeling more Present, in love with your life, in alignment with your consciously chosen values, and more grounded and centered in yourself afterwards- then I’ll absolutely refund the full amount of your tuition. You have a 100% money-back guarantee.

This Program Will Put Your Integrity on STEROIDS

You probably have NO IDEA how great it’s going to feel when your house is in order, because you’re swimming in it. Like a frog that’s in the pot, you’ve become ACCLIMATED to living under the weight of so many open loops, disorganization and unfinished business. Like a fish to water, a bird to air, it’s simply your unquestioned reality to be burdened by mental, emotional and interpersonal clutter!

If you’re ready to face the obstacles to an inspiring life head-on, with a Spartan battle-cry, screaming “BRING IT ON!!!”….then this program may be a fit for you.

Alright, I’ve said my piece. It’s up to you now. I’ll guide you through this, but it’s up to YOU to Take Action.

P.S. Remember, you’re gonna have a TON of support! Sign up now, and get ready for one of the potentially powerful, impactful experiences of your LIFE.

42 ,hcruhC nhoJ

Charlotte, NC

““The List Program Was Powerful””

It helped me to get up, and get going, and if I wasn’t taking action, to figure out why. I also met others interested in living better and striving to achieve what they want, which was a big plus.

62 ,gnortsmrA neB
Taipei, Taiwan

“I Found Where I’d Been Sabotaging Myself”

I found and addressed several ways that I give up my power and keep myself from being fully engaged (procrastinating, disorderly apartment, relationships in disrepair). Becoming conscious of all of the different parts of my life, really learning to marshal my resources- financial, social, health, etc- was an important step.

35 ,PH
Springfield, VA

“I’d Love to Do It Again”

This was a great experience, I would love to do it again, and will continue to work on some things I started with the list. I resumed my physical work out schedule, I’ve now monitoring my spending, finished some projects and have plans on some others to get started.

81 ,.D leahciM
San Jose CA

“I See Now The Places I’ve Been Avoiding – The Feedback Portion Hit Me Hard”

The List highlighted places in my life that I’d been avoiding, and that definitely made me aware of some more of my trips. I had a lot of trouble actually getting up the nerve to ask for feedback, and once I just blew off my excuses and went for it, it was relatively painless. I now understand how my trip of “not being intrusive” showed up as me being aloof and unavailable to hang out. That hit me hard. And I loved it. I really enjoyed being hooked up with an Integrity partner. We talked every day, and I loved being able to talk with someone about all this and ‘getting in there’ with.

41 ,dyoB leinaD
Baltimore, MD

“I’ve Released an Enormous Amount of ‘Stuck’ Energy — I’m More Open And Generative Across All Areas of My Personal & Professional Life”

I originally undertook this program because I experienced some discomfort at the idea of sharing personal information with others, especially places I want to improve. Hearing the struggles of the other men, and the coaching I received helped me to get an insight into many of my own challenges. Completing the program has released an enormous amount of ‘stuck’ energy and I feel more open and generative across all areas of my personal and professional life.

The List Begins September 10th 2013

Cost: $357 ($275 for the first 100 guys to enroll)

Enrollment closes September 8 at 11:59pm MST, No coming in late

Enrollment is Closed(look for the next List in Q2 2014)