What is AMP?

Are you unsatisfied with your relationship to yourself, to the world… to women?

Most men have a sense (deep down) of what’s really possible for them in their lives. Even though they know that their jobs, and relationships could be far more rewarding, a lot of guys feel stuck in old patterns. No matter how hopeful or frustrated they might be, many men simply don’t know how to make the leap from how they are now, to how they want to be.

Authenticity can be your key to a whole new world of possibilities.

Looking at culture, there are a lot of fantasy messages about how men are ‘supposed’ to be. It’s no wonder that so many guys run around working so damn hard to seem okay, to appear happy, look successful or occur as confident. With so much attention on appearances, who we SEEM TO BE can sometimes feel like it’s way more important than who we ACTUALLY ARE.

At work, at play and especially with women, few things will radically transform your life as powerfully as letting go of appearances and unleashing your authentic self. Relationships become richer and connections deeper when you know who you are and can express your deepest truth.

The Authentic Man Program is dedicated to supporting you in unlocking your inner bad ass.

For the past 10 years we have been developing the very best tools, trainings and information to support you in expressing your sexuality and your power. Our coaches, workshops, products and support materials are world class resources that teach you how to unlock your authentic self, so that you can fully enjoy being you, and make the impact that you want to make on the world around you.

What if I told you that your relationships with women can help you transform every area of your life?

A lot of guys are perfectly happy being miserable. Their jobs are “good enough”, their relationships are “good enough”. Sometimes when things feel “just OK” we might not have the motivation to make changes, to step outside of our comfort zones and grow in really important ways.

No matter how “OK” things may seem to be, if you are not enjoying rich, full, juicy and exciting connections with women then you are probably ready to make some profound changes. You might just be ready to do whatever it takes to claim the relationships and the life you truly want.

Guys tend to think of their lives as compartmentalized experiences. Career, friendships, family and women might all seem like totally different categories with totally different challenges. The truth is that the skills and understandings you need in order to have amazing connections with women (and even to have great sex) are often the very same skills and understandings that you need to to rock your career or achieve a goal.

When you can express who you are and what you want, powerfully and without shame, when you can remain present and focused in the face of stress and upset, when you can welcome whatever comes up in any moment with integrity and truth… you radically transform how women experience you and simultaneously transform just about every area of your life.

Are you satisfied with things being ‘good enough’? Or are you ready to take your life, your career, your friendships AND your relationships with women to the next level?

No matter if you are having trouble meeting women, or are already in a committed relationship, no matter if you are thriving in your career or feeling a little lost… AMP is here to help you live as the very best: friend, brother, son, father, and / or lover that you can be.

Thousands of men that have taken the dive and come out the other end with more choice, more capacity and more freedom in their lives and especially their relationships.

Step into your authentic self.

Start here to learn the 10 biggest sticking points that get in the way of your connection with women and stay in the loop on future AMP programs and events.

This doc is 39 pages of laser-focused info to help you:

  • Identify the most common sticking points.
  • Become aware of the ones that are holding you back.
  • Learn proven and effective methods to get yourself unstuck fast!
  • Learn to create the experiences you want to have with women.
  • Feel more freedom in every interaction.

The first step to getting unstuck is always, first and foremost…

Get more awareness about how you are stuck.

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